You can hear it (online with entertainment circle voice control)

“Well, spinach, you don’t have to answer his jokes.” When she was still wandering, the gentle female voice of silver came from the computer again, “Djay, let’s contact your radio play. Daihua, Mushroom Sauce and Kaikai and I are CV debut. Although we are also singers now, we should not forget our old jobs.” “First of all, husband and wife partner, work is not tired.” Frost gave a low laugh at this time. Ke Jiao froze for a moment and blurted out subconsciously, “Who is husband and wife?” “Daihua and Baiyin, didn’t Djay tell you?” Kaikai said quickly, “They are all in T city, from the second dimension to the third dimension. They have been married for almost two years. Djay and we have attended their wedding.” …… My God, who can come and wake her up now? What did she just hear? The amount of information in Kaikai’s words has completely shattered her. “I don’t want to gossip, but I didn’t expect Djay to ask us for help.” Before she could respond, Qihuang suddenly opened her mouth in a low voice, “Spinach sister, you and Djay should not be a general relationship,Surveyors tape measure, right?”? Best friend? Relative? I’ve never heard him mention it. “Yeah, I’ve known Djay for three years, and he’s never been in contact with anyone in the circle, let alone anyone else in the circle, except for the veterans of our team.” Xi yuan added, “You and he should be friends of the third dimension.” Ke Jiao, who had not yet recovered from her previous shock,fish measuring tape, raised her hand to her fragile heart and shook her voice and said, “..” Not a friend of the third dimension. Djay is my destiny, but he doesn’t know me at all. I don’t know how he can match my play. “Eh?” Everyone sighed doubtfully, but the mushroom sauce suddenly whistled briskly, “Nuo, I’m here, you can ask him directly.” Hearing this sentence of mushroom sauce, Ke Jiao looked at the screen subconsciously, and her mind suddenly became blank. In the sub-channel, a name is clearly displayed at the top: Djay. She has been a fan for three years, and has never expected to approach the person, so easily appeared on the screen in front of her eyes, and she is in the same dimension and ladder. Like the most distant star, Diameter tape measure ,Fish measuring board, suddenly to the place close at hand, you can hold it, but because it is too shining, people can not even take out the courage to raise their hands. For the first time, I thought with Djay’s urine, he wouldn’t show up in a pre-conference like this. Kai Kai’s voice was very surprised. Frost was also surprised, “.” ***, is it a living Djay? “Get up?” To the person who just came, Dai Hua’s words had a simple smile, “did you stay up late playing games again last night?” After a long time, a faint and lazy “hmm” came from the channel. …… Just one word, but Ke Jiao heard a nosebleed coming out. Her original life, why does her original life even say a word will be so seductive ah?! “If your fans know that you don’t produce works all day, you are sleeping in the slag Warcraft, and you will be dismembered.” Kaikai said with a smile. Would his fans do that? Qi Huang shook his head, “as long as he sends a full stop on Weibo in a year, it will be enough for his fans to go crazy for half a year.” “Why are you so venomous?” Frost laughed. I’m telling the truth. “All right, let’s get down to business. It’s hard to catch him.” Daihua coughed, “Djay, what else do you need to ask about spinach now?” After Dai Hua spoke, the whole channel became silent in an instant. Ke Jiao was too busy to take care of herself at this time. She could not feel the eagerness of gossip in the channel except her and Djay. Do you have the character list and the script in your hand now? In the midst of her violent heartbeat, Djay suddenly spoke to her. His voice at this time is not his original voice. In the past three years, it seems that he has never spoken with his original voice in the circle. He has rarely appeared in YY, and has never participated in any singing activities. As long as he shows his voice, it is not the finished product of the radio drama, but the finished product of the song. Daihua and his friends who are the veterans of the fishing boat on a snowy night should have heard his original voice, but in the circle. His original sound is an unreachable mystery. But even if it’s not the original voice, the voice that echoes thousands of times in my ears every day suddenly turns into a real person’s instant dialogue, and Ke Jiao is so nervous that she’s going into shock, relying on her reason to restrain herself. Have “Give each of them a copy and let them choose the right role for themselves.” “…… Yeah, okay. She went straight into auto-answer mode. Audition here at eight o’clock in the evening the day after tomorrow. “…… OK “Djay, how can you talk to anyone with such a commanding tone?” Frost interrupted in silence. It doesn’t matter Ke Jiao hastened to defend Djay, in fact, she had long felt that she was born to be good at giving orders. “See?”? It is because he has these good-tempered and obedient fans that he encourages his arrogance. Dai Hua hurriedly repaired the knife. Djay paused because of their interruption and quickly made a concluding statement, “Now there are seven main creators, and they should have all the main roles. After the audition, they feel that they can’t be replaced.” “I’ll go. Are you serious?” Qihuang immediately jumped up, “I have been in the circle for five years. For the first time, I heard someone say that I would not be able to change CV after the audition. Don’t forget that I said I would not accept the new one and was pulled by you!”! You pay me the default fee first! Seeing that Qi Huang was furious, the others all laughed out loud without mercy. Are you still laughing? Don’t you want to hit him when you talk to him? Qihuang was so angry that even her voice changed. Old Qi, “Dai Hua laughed.” Believe me, I’ve known him for more than three years,Adhesive fish ruler, and I want to beat him every day. ” “My husband and I are on the same side.” Silver added softly. Mushroom sauce smirked. “Me and Kai Kai sponsored the stick.” A few big chicories complained about Djay on a daily basis, but Ke Jiao still felt that it was too unreal at the moment, especially that the god-like existence was still present.

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