Xie Shao’s intimate and cold secret

Xiang Wan’s heart beat wildly, staring at him, and looking at Nuonuo, who was running far away, so far away that he should not see his face, but if he did not go, then he would face Nuonuo face to face. And she could not imagine what he would think of a shrewd man like him when they met face to face? Or do you just think it’s a coincidence? Chapter 15 of the main text is confident enough. “Mr. Mo.” What a coincidence. “Xiangwan mumbled, not knowing how to answer him or what excuse to leave.” You should be clear about Mo’s application conditions. Mo Li Ting looked ahead, his slender fingers clasped the steering wheel lightly, and said lightly, “There is no need for married people with children.” How does the personnel department do things?! The last sentence, he snorted coldly. Xiang Wan was surprised. Of course, she was clear about the conditions, but she was not married. When she applied for the job, she did not find out whether she had children or not. She just passed the written examination and interview smoothly. The next day, she received a call from the personnel department asking her to go to work. She has also thought, such as Mo’s such a big company,Magnesium Oxide MgO, how can such a hasty use of a person? Which link is wrong? But now, no matter what she did wrong, she couldn’t lose the job. Xiang Wan took a deep breath and looked at him. His tone was calm. “Does Mo Shi recruit people only by looking at the background but not the ability?”? In the past two months, I believe Mr. Mo has also seen my performance. If you are not satisfied, you will not use me until now. Mo Li Ting raised his eyebrows, turned his head and stared at her,caustic calcined magnesite, his eyes slightly narrowed under the sunglasses, as if with a kind of appreciation, but also with a look of disbelief, he may have never met, will contradict his secretary? Xiang Wan was stared at by him and gradually became flustered. The calm just now melted a little under his sharp eyes. She could clearly hear the beating of her heart. The corners of his lips were suddenly raised, and he burst into a beautiful smile, like the wind of early spring, which did not feel cold, but did not feel warm. Confident enough. His Adam’s apple moved slightly and slipped out a few words. His voice was deep and magnetic, which made Xiang Wan slightly stunned. Uncle A child’s clear and tender voice brought Xiang Wan back to reality. She shivered and looked at Nuonuo’s place, just in time to see Nuonuo running back accidentally, tripping over something and falling down. On the other side of her, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,dap diammonium phosphate, another fat little body ran towards the Spyker. Too late to say hello to Mo Liting, he ran to the little Nuonuo who fell to the ground. Mo Li Ting took off his glasses and opened one side of the car door: “Are you not good today?” “No, it’s not.” It was another kid who hit me. Mommy, don’t you think so? He climbed into his seat and asked the woman standing beside the car. And the woman just looked at the place where she ran to in the evening. Ziyao? What’s the matter? Cried Mo Li Ting, also looking at Mu Xiangwan. She had picked up the little person who had fallen to the ground and squatted in front of him, patting the dust on his body. Far away, he could not see the expression on her face, but it can be imagined that she must be very anxious, perhaps also distressed. He could not help but imagine her expression when she was distressed. She was always calm and wise when she was around him for two months. She didn’t say much, but she said what she should say and never mentioned what she shouldn’t say. So he would use her for two months for the first time. I didn’t have time to do it yesterday, so I’ll make it up today. Chapter 16 of the main text is hard to imagine. He could not help but imagine her expression when she was distressed. She was always calm and wise when she was around him for two months. She didn’t say much, but she said what she should say and never mentioned what she shouldn’t say. So he would use her for two months for the first time. Today, it seems that he saw the other side of her, the anxious expression when he received the phone call at dinner, the surprised expression when he saw him just now, perhaps. And a little flustered? But he could not imagine where her panic came from, because he knew that she had a child? He didn’t think she was really going to fire her, did he? The corners of his lips rose again at the thought of what she had just contradicted him. “Li Ting, do you know that woman?” Fu Ziyao sat in the car and picked up the little man who had already been in the car. That’s Mu Yunuo’s mother. The little man immediately interfaced. Mu promised? Mu Xiangwan. Mo Liting started the car and drove forward. He looked at the man who had already stood up in the rear mirror. “What’s wrong?” Fu Ziyao did not speak, but looked at him with a look of surprise and disbelief. After a long time, she asked, “Do you know him?” “She’s my secretary.” Mo Li Ting was a little strange and looked at Fu Ziyao in a twinkling of an eye. Secretary? Is that what Li Ying said about being a secretary for two months? She seemed even more surprised. “What about before?”? Did you know her before? “Before?”? What do you mean Mo Li Ting glanced at the people around him and suddenly said with a smile, “Ziyao, you don’t think that child is mine, do you?” Fu Ziyao seemed to wake up and said with a smile, “Of course not..” But it’s too similar. “Mu promises to be a wild child, a child without a father.” The little person on Fu Ziyao’s body suddenly opened his mouth, with a childish accent, but said shocking words. Don’t talk nonsense! Fu Ziyao immediately shouted softly, glared at him, and the little man shut his mouth and stopped talking. Mo Li Ting’s face was expressionless, just looking at the road ahead and driving. Li Ting, let us down in front of my mother’s shop. Thank you so much today. I’m glad I met you. When Fu Ziyao saw the car stop, she opened the door and said, “Would you like to sit down?” “No, say hello to my aunt for me.” Mo Li Ting smiled faintly. Then I’ll go and Xiaolei will say goodbye to his uncle. Fu Ziyao took the little man’s hand and said to him. The little man waved to Mo Liting obediently: “Goodbye, uncle!” “Goodbye, next time you can’t call someone a wild child,Magnesium Oxide MgO, do you know?” He reached out and rubbed Xiaolei’s head, nodded slightly at Fu Ziyao, and put it in gear. Fu Ziyao suddenly asked: “Er.” When will Li Jun come back? 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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