Wulin Divine Comedy

The farmer did not stop at all because of his gaffe As if he wanted to vent his depression he poured water and said to Qingjun “After Shifu left Elder Martial Brother came over I don’t know if Elder Martial Brother has seen Shifu so I held the last hope and begged Elder Martial Brother Elder Martial Brother also laid out the clan rules and told me how Shifu overcame the public opinion last night” To save my life But I didn’t understand Shifu and Electrical Equipment & Supplies Elder Martial Brother’s painstaking efforts I opened my mouth and said to Elder Martial Brother “Even if you want to kill Weixue you don’t have to be kind You might as well kill me together” So I don’t have to face your vicious faces Elder Martial Brotherther was also a little shocked but he was not angry with me because Elder Martial Brotherther was always a magnanimous person and he would not have the same experience as me Elder Martial Brotherther said to me “Whether you are convinced or not the result is doomed Now go back and accompany her”!

We’ll do it in three days I hope she doesn’t blame us After the Elder Martial Brother left I was taken back to the ancestral temple Weixue was sitting quietly in the ancestral temple I didn’t dare to tell her the real result I comforted her by saying “It’s all right They will let us go after a while” Unexpectedly Weixue sniffed at my words and said “When did Shennong a medical family forget to play it safe and eliminate hidden dangers” I don’t understand this but I’m full of worries at this time How can I delve into what she means by this sentence Just as she was dissatisfied with the fact that her clansmen had locked her up innocently I thought about it in the ancestral temple for a whole day but I didn’t come up with any way to save Weixue so I had to tell her the truth I didn’t expect that Weixue was not surprised about it as if she had already made preparations I didn’t think about anything else but thought that she was calm I thought it was good at that time so as not to make people laugh Meeting you is the biggest surprise in my life I don’t care about death If you die I will go with you; because you are me I am you our souls have been intertwined who can not separate the two strands of the promise of the soul Let these two skins go where they come from! She was deeply surprised by my confession and her eyes gradually became misty I meant what I said at that time If she had died at that time I would have died with her But things did not go in the direction

I thought Maybe everything was doomed The farmer raised his head and tried to take a look at the world outside from the crack of the window but he did a futile job and finally saw nothing Qingjun kneeling for a long time the whole leg is a little numb but the farmer did not let him up he did not dare to get up after all he knelt down is his ancestor’s memorial tablet listen to the general meaning of the master like the master did something wrong China Factory there is now such a situation and the master mentioned several times about the question of the girl is it possible that Qingjun also thought of the girl’s identity But he was not sure For the first time he took the initiative to ask the farmer “Master is that girl a person who abandoned her family” She’s here for revenge Farmer did not look at Qingjun a pair of eyes staring at the window said ” ‘Qiu Weixue’ in fact I should have thought of it long ago poor I always thought her name was’Weixue ‘” The disaster has been cast and then want to save but has been unable Three days later the Elder Martial Brother came to the ancestral temple and took her away I stopped him like crazy begged him and scolded him but it didn’t work at all I watched her being taken away “I will go to find you I will go to find you” I finally shouted to her looking at the figure she left me Except for a little reluctance to me she walked very smoothly After she was taken away I thought about how to die but there was nothing around me that could end my life I fixed my eyes on the incense burner in the ancestral temple because there was requiem grass in it Requiem grass had the function of concentration and nourishment but few people knew that requiem grass was also a poison As long as the measurement was appropriate it could make people die peacefully I started to take out the requiem grass inside mixed the remaining requiem grass and incense ash with water according to the proportion and finally kowtowed to the ancestors in the ancestral temple and drank the requiem grass quietly I thought I was going to die because after Shifu taught me this recipe I tried it with animals and it really killed them

But I don’t know how long it took me to wake up Even the martial arts for no reason to break through the realm of the peak of Xuanji and reach the realm of the early stage of Xuanji but at that time I did not have any joy I was at a loss why I did Computer Hardware & Software not die Although I was awake the power of Requim had not completely disappeared and I lay powerless in the ancestral temple not knowing what had happened

After a long time I had a little strength I hurried to knock on the door of the ancestral temple my heart was filled with snow I wanted to know her life and death did not expect the door of the ancestral temple was opened I had no time to think about why the gate of the temple was closed at ordinary times hurried to the altar The altar is the place where great events are held in the clan and I think the execution of Weixue should also be there The whole clan was quiet and I didn’t doubt it I thought all the clansmen were going to see the grand ceremony of Weixue’s execution I was even more anxious I tried my best to run to the altar but what I saw was “Qingjun saw Shifu trembling when he said this What happened more than fifty years ago can still make him tremble unconsciously” Qingjun knew that this must be a nightmare that had tortured Shifu for many years and that he could tell him today was a great trust in him Qingjun seems to understand that now he can not say anything to comfort his master the only thing he can do is to quietly listen to the master’s story listen to his story trade-global.com

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