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Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who does not know that there is such a thing – an essay. There was, however, a short period when, for the sake of the test system, it was “pushed into the background”, but now it’s all in the past. Now the essay is again gaining ground in the education system with companies like write my papers offering writing services.


What is a composition?


What is meant by “Composition”?” An essay is a type of written school work, which is an expression of one’s thoughts, knowledge on a given topic.” This is what our beloved Wikipedia says. It teaches students to express their thoughts more clearly with evidence, build detailed sentences, not being limited to individual phrases.


In addition, these detailed sentences must be correctly connected to each other, which also contributes to a clearer and more logically verified presentation of one’s own thoughts.


Our parents and grandparents are accustomed to writing an essay based on literature. This, of course, can be made easier if you find an editor to edit my english text, and has survived to this day. Today, in this matter, history and social studies have been added to literature. This is not surprising, because a child should be able to assess the role of this or that historical figure or some phenomenon that takes place in society.


What compositions are there?


Essays begin to write from elementary school. Of course, at this age, children still cannot write a great work on a serious topic. They start small: with essays like How I Spent My Summer, descriptions of nature outside the window. Gradually, descriptions of paintings and essays on works are added to them. Among the latter, essays stand out about how the author relates to a certain hero. There can also be opportunities like https://writemypapers.company/report-writing/ to order all sorts of essays on a free topic.


In terms of genre, seven genres are distinguished:

  1. Diary.
  2. Literary critical article.
  3. Feature article.
  4. Journey.
  5. Review.
  6. Epistolary genre (writing).
  7. Essay.




Did you know that a diary is a separate genre in an essay?


What is it? In general, this is a genre “in the middle” of literature and non-literature. Many of us keep our diaries (today also online), where they write down the events that happened during the day, our thoughts, feelings, that is, everything that happened during the day. The entries in the diary are usually dated. It is characterized by a first-person narrative, although dialogicality may also be present.


Most often, the author is sincere and frank in front of himself. Due to the fact that the diary allows you to fully reveal the soul of the hero, writers use it from time to time. In the form of a diary, there can be both whole works and separate parts. Such popular works today as Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, Diary of Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding and many others have been written entirely in the form of a diary. A classic example of a work in which a part is a hero’s diary is “A Hero of Our Time” by M. Lermontov, where Pechorin’s diary is presented.


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