Why Coconut shell activated carbon filters are most preferred pre-filters in the drinking water purification Industry

Activated carbon pre-filters are most common in water purifiers. Large internal surface area of activated carbon makes it a very good adsorbent for many contaminants in drinking water. The sources of activated carbon are mostly , coal (anthracite, bituminous, lignite), coconut shells, peat and petroleum based residues.https://www.coconutactivatedcarbon.com

Most carbonaceous materials do have a certain degree of porosity and internal surface area in the range of 10-15 meter2 / gram (m2/g). Activation of carbon, which consists of a process in which controlled oxidation of carbon atoms is done by steam at high temperature, enhances, the internal surface of the carbon to 1000-1200 m2/g.

The activation process generates a network of minute openings (pore or cavities) of different diameters on the carbon surface which become the path for water to access the extended internal surface created by the activation. The pore diameters are usually grouped as follows:

Micro-pores < 4 nm

Meso-pores 4-500 nm

Macro-pores > 500 nm (typically 500-2000 nm)

nm is nanometre. It is one billionth (10-9 ) of a meter

Adsorption of a contaminant from the water on the activated carbon surface may result from hydrophobicity of the molecule. It may also result from the affinity of the contaminant molecule towards carbon or it could be because of both.wholesale granular activated carbon

Hydrophobic substance will bind with the carbon surface much better than a hydrophilic substance. Most organic contaminants in drinking water are hydrophobic in nature. They bind very well with the non-polar carbon surface within pores. Activated carbon can remove organic contaminants, including many VOCs, pesticides and herbicides, disinfection by-products like Tri halo methane etc.

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