Where can one get access to products like pregnancy test without being stared down by the pharmacist?

I wonder if there are any online platforms that allow for discrete mailing?

Curious Asked on July 20, 2016 in Hidden Pockets.
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Pregnancy detection kits which is basically a urine test for detecting pregnancy and can be taken in the privacy of home are usually available at almost all chemist stores for a relatively small price. However, if you want to avoid feeling uncomfortable asking for one from a chemist (which is totally understandable, given the taboo and stigma attached to women’s sexuality) then you can also buy them from any of the leading online retail portals like Amazon and eBay. I am sure there are many other online portals selling the pregnancy kits – usually those of online medical stores in your local area.

A lot of leading pharmacies these days also deliver ¬†products via apps like Phareasy and Netmeds at door step. You’ll only need to find the local one operational in your area.

Curious Answered on July 24, 2016.
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This is great! What do you think the situation is in rural areas where there is probably only one health center and the pharmacy is usually attached to it, so confidentiality is a challenge for women seeking any type of reproductive health service. What are some creative ways to reach such populations?

Supporter Answered on July 31, 2016.
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