When to Change Your Activated Carbon Filter?

The amount of contaminants in your water

A filter will need to be changed with more regularity if it’s filtering water that has a lot of contaminants. The adsorbate will grow faster, requiring a new filter more often.yongruida coconut shell activated carbon

The volume of water being filtered

A filter used to treat 100 gallons of water each week will last longer than a filter used to treat 500 gallons of water each week.

The manufacturer’s recommendation

The manufacturer of your activated carbon filter will provide you with a guideline for how often you should change your activated carbon filter. This advice can provide a good starting place, but your usage habits will determine exactly how long the filter works at optimum performance before it needs to be replaced.

This wide array of factors means that the question of when to change your water filter will have a different answer for most people and businesses.granular carbon

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