When the pressure settles down open the cooker and keep aside the cooked sago

Cut the rest of the coconut flesh into small pieces. Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan, add the jackfruit paste and sauté. Simmer in low flame and remove from fire.—Veena Jackfruit Pradhaman Ingredients Deseeded Jackfruit Flesh- 30 to 40Jaggery- 300gmsThick coconut milk (Onnam pal)-1cupMedium thick coconut milk (Randam Pal)- 11/2cupThinCoconut milk (Moonam pal)- 2 cupCoconut pieces – 2tbspCashew nuts- 15Ghee- 1 tbspDry ginger Powder – 1/4tspSalt- one pinchMethodCut jackfruit flesh into small pieces.Now add the melted jaggery (Melt jaggery in 1 cup water and strain)Stir this mixture for 10 minutes then add thin coconut milk.Heat 1 tsp ghee and roast cashew nuts and coconut pieces separately and add these to the payasam.

Boil the milk with crushed cardamom. Add rice and keep on cooking in slow fire.—Soju Aaranmula Kadalippazha Payasam Ingredients:Red banana- 10nosBroken rice- 150 gmsSugar- 500 gmsMilk- 1.Add a pinch of salt and cooked sago and jaggery and mix well.Heat a heavy bottomed kadai and pour some ghee. Cook it well.Add cardamom powder and roasted cashew nuts and raisins (heat 1tsp of ghee and roast cashew nuts and raisins separately) and mix well. Add the blended coconut andsimmer on low flame. Add this into the Payasam and serve along with sadya. If required add more sugar. Stir for wholesale toggle bolts another 10 minutes and then add the medium thin coconut milk slowly.Add sago into 2 cups of water in a cooker and cook till one whistle.Then add medium thick coconut milk and stir continuously.Add dry ginger powder and mix well. Peel the pineapple and cut into very small pieces.Mix well and stir continuously till the payasam start to thicken.

Blend half of it with the coconut water. When the pressure settles down open the cooker and keep aside the cooked sago. Mash them well once they are cooked.Tender coconut Payasam Ingredients Tender coconut- 4 nosMilk- 1ltreSugar- 250 gmsCashewnut- 50gmsRaisin- 50 gmsCardamom- 2-3 nosGhee- 50mlMethodSpoon out the flesh of the tender coconut from the shell and keep aside. Once the rice is cooked add the saffron,sugar and mashed red bananas. Heat ghee in a pan and fry the cashew and raisins.Finally add thick coconut milk and lower the flame and cook for another 5 minutes and remove from the pan from fire.5 ltrsSaffron- a pinchCashewnuts- 100gmsGhee- 100ml MethodWash, soak and drain the rice and keep aside. Add mashed mango to the pan and stir well for 5 minutes.Now add cooked pineapple pieces and stir well.Choose mangoes that are about to ripe.Stir until the payasam thickens. Peel and cut them into pieces and cook well by adding 1 cup of water.Add this into the Payasam and chill.

Once the cooked jackfruit cools down make a paste of it. Add sugar and cut coconut and simmer till it gets reduced to half and thick. Stir for minimum 20 minutes in medium flame.—Soju Mango Pineapple Payasam IngredientsRaw mango- 2Pineapple- 1 mediumSago/Chavvary-2tbspCoconut- 3Ghee- 1tbspSugar- 1 1/2 cupJaggery – 1/2 of small pieceSalt- 2 pinchRoasted Cashew nut – 10Raisins -10Cardamom powder-less than 1/4 tspYellow colour – one drop (opt)MethodTake 1 cup of thick coconut milk (onnam pal) and 3 to 4 cup of medium thin coconut milk (randam pal) from 3 coconuts and keep it aside.

Now add the thick coconut milk and mix well. Heat ghee in a pan and fry the cashenut.—Veena.Stir slowly for another 5 minutes and check the sugar. Boil the milk in a slow fire tillit is reduced. If you are cooking them using a pressure cooker, one whistle is enough.If you dont want to bite into pineapple pieces, puree the cooked pineapple and then sauté.Pressure cook the jackfruit in a medium flame by adding 1 cup of water .You can add one drop of yellow colour (optional). Add sugar and stir continuously for about 10 minutes in medium flame

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