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It has been proven by experts that cost effective backyard landscaping which takes into account energy needs can save the average household approximately a third of their usual costs on heating and cooling throughout the summer and winter months.  In reality, we could be talking about $250 of savings over a twelve month period.The question is ‘ how do you create an energy efficient yard?  There are several things to consider when learning how to do this, whether your yard is already landscaped or still yet to be done. Here are a few suggestions.Keep Out the SunOne of the main things to think about when landscaping is the prevailing weather conditions.  Where does the sun shine on your property and what path does it take?

When hit directly by the heat of the sun, the walls of a house will attract nearly 90% of the sun’s heat, and in doing so, put more pressure on the air conditioning or other cooling system to keep the inside of the house at a pleasantly cool temperature.If you want to block out the sun you can plant dense and wide trees at south or west facing areas of the house and the foliage will give shade from the hot summer sun.  You will find that temperatures within the property are reduced by nearly ten degrees Fahrenheit simply by following this procedure.During the winter months when the deciduous trees shed their foliage, the winter sun will be allowed access to your walls and foundations, just when the heat it needed.Break the WindThe winds which blow through your house are a main contributor to the lower indoor temperatures experienced especially in the winter-time when the cold wind chill factor is present.If you can set up a wind break, either by the use of strategically placed fences or evergreens and trees, this will cut down the winds blowing through your home a great deal.

Capturing the Heat or Cool IndoorsMuch energy is regularly wasted when the PET Blowing machine Factory heat or cool within the house is allowed to disappear through the windows, doors and even the roof so it is necessary to find a way to capture the heat or cool and store it inside the home. Shrubs around the perimeter of the foundations of the property will create a dead air barrier, thus keeping the heat and cool indoors. It has been suggested by the experts that to widen the area between the foundations or walls and the planted shrubbery will create more space for the dead air.When landscaping your garden or yard, maximize the advantages of using materials and greenery which are appealing to look at.  You will then find that not only is your garden a pleasure to behold but it will be preserving energy and saving you money at the same time.

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