What surprising content will appear in the trailer about Path of Exile Ultimatum

The 3.13 extension called Echoes of the Atlas is available on January 15th of this year. Its appearance has not only restored those players who have given up faith in Path of Exile, but also attracted more adventurous people to try to play this game. The live introduction of the 3.14 extension called Ultimatum will be broadcast on Twitch at 1 o’clock this afternoon. This trailer has pushed the popularity of Path of Exile to a new height. Smart players have already prepared enough POE Currency until GGG officially released the new extension.

This video shows that developers have been doing a new update on the 3.14 extension for some time as early as the 3.13 extension was underway. Players can see that Vaal is most likely to participate in this new expansion in some way. The appearance of the new extension called Ultimatum reminds players of the Temple of Atzoatl, which has performed well in the Incursion League in the past. About the same time as usual, about April 16th, Ultimatum will be available on PC, and players on the console will have to Buy POE Currency.

It’s been a while since players heard any news about Path of Exile 2, but thankfully, Grinding Gear Games provides players with a small amount of information. The sequel was first announced at the 2019 ExileCon event, but since then, players have not known what will happen. In the trailer video of the Ultimatum expansion, there is another short but sweet trailer. More information about Path of Exile 2 also appeared in the trailer, and the channel will go live on April 8. In addition, all players only know that Path of Exile 2 plans to start beta testing in 2022.

Players who are interested in pursuing greater achievements in the new league should watch the trailer carefully to enhance their familiarity with the new expanded content and facilitate their activities in the new league. They can also use buy POE Currency to get some useful items to speed up the growth of their characters, maybe they can also harvest some rare resources or equipment. Nice extension!

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