What do you think of the signal interference?

The evaluation of the signal interferometer is mixed

When using a cell phone in a jamming room, we are often unable to make calls, answer calls, access the Internet and, of course, receive messages. The work of other electronic devices. Desktop gsm jammer have many potential stakeholders. Such jammers can be quickly installed without a ban in places where they are not wanted: schools, churches, cinemas and theaters, but there are also businesses and employers willing to. Stores can prevent customers from comparing prices online. Some tracking devices use signals from cell phones to steal people’s privacy. It is a great risk to the normal life of people. If you use a phone jammer, the signal in the mobile frequency band will be easily blocked and the tracker will lose its function very quickly.

According to the detection shows that the intensity of the electromagnetic signal emitted by the jammer meets the national standard for the health of the environmental electromagnetic wave, and the signal emitted is relatively small and will not cause damage to the human body. , the device has damaged only the reception conditions of the device, so the device and the base station cannot be connected normally. So we know that the drone jammer will not damage the device itself. In general, the outer signal is greater than the inner signal, so the outer shielding effect is worse. Strictly speaking, whether indoors or outdoors, the actual interception distance is related to the environment, such as the distance between the different base stations, the location of the installation, etc.

Phone Jammers are like any other device, and their capabilities vary by make and model. Normal jammers block only one of a phone’s two frequencies, but they’re pretty good. More portable jammer can block more than one frequency, and some can even be tuned to match the exact frequency. Most modern cell phones are affected by phone jammers. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to pay attention to protecting their privacy and security.In the early 2000s,portable jammers were used in many counterterrorism efforts, and law enforcement agencies also used them to block communication between criminals.

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