What are the cheaper/better alternatives to the newest Intercom custom bots product (bot and chat)?

For a cheap alternative, you should go for a mobile phone, many businesses avoid an intercom system for easy calling. But in my opinion, you should go for an intercom system for better connectivity, call redirecting services, and more. These allow residents to see exactly who is at the gate and verify identity before letting anyone in. Cameras can be either integrated directly into the intercom access panel or placed nearby, depending on the system and are an easy way to add an extra layer of visibility and security to your apartment building.

Integrated cameras range from basic fixed models in the front of the box to PTZ cameras found in higher-end models, allowing for powerful, flexible camera functions. Generally, these video signals are transmitted via an IP network, but in some cases, may be transmitted wirelessly via a cellular connection. IP networks are usually more reliable and capable of stronger, clearer signals, as well as more scalable systems with more doors and stations.

Ambassador Asked on September 15, 2021 in Business.
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