Use your turn signals We have China electric motor Suppliers

Use your turn signals – We have China electric motor Suppliers all seen drivers

on the road make abrupt lane changes without the use of their turn signals, or

blinkers. Using your blinkers when turning or making a lane change is

incredibly important to vehicle safety, especially when travelling at high

rates of speed. By using blinkers you are giving the other drivers on the road

the opportunity to make timely adjustments to their speed and path. Many

accidents are caused everyday due to drivers making unexpected and sudden turns

are crashed into by unsuspecting motorists who had no chance to avoid them.

Using blinkers when making turns is also a valuable safety practice in city

driving. By indicating before you turn you will be giving motorists the chance

to go around you and keep traffic moving at a steady rate. You will also be

decreasing the chances of a rear-end collision because motorists behind you

will know you are making a turn rather than continuing forward. Beyond the obvious safety advantages, and

despite the lack of usage practiced by many motorists, using turn signals when

changing lanes on the highway is required by law in every state. It is evident

that if you fail to signal your turns, you will be paying in one way or


Slow down – The most obvious vehicle safety tip

is also the easiest one to adhere to. Every mile you take off of your travel

speed decreases your chances of an accident. Travelling at a high rate of speed

greatly reduces the amount of time you have to react to the actions of other

drivers, and to avoid any animals that may wander into the road in front of

you. Accidents that occur at a higher rate of speed are much more devastating

than their low speed counterparts and result in a much higher fatality rate. Vehicle

equipment such as radiators and tires are also much more likely to fail at high

speeds due to the stress the speed places on them. Finally, as with turn

signals, there are strict laws governing driving speed. Exceeding these limits

can earn you significant fines and the state of mind these fines place you in

may contribute to further unsafe driving.

These 5 steps form the basis of any

comprehensive vehicle safety approach. Always remember that nothing is more

important than your life and the lives of those around you. Respect yourself,

your fellow drivers and the laws of the road by adhering to these safety


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