Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

At this time, Tianyu and Laner are floating in the air, both of them are covered by white gas, can not see the specific appearance of the two. The white gas leapt like a dragon and a tiger, and kept rolling. At this time, both of them were immersed in the pleasure of the blending of mind and spirit, and had no feeling of time at all. After seven days of fusion, the two True Qi were about to merge into one. If Tianyu looked inward at this time, he could find that some of his golden True Qi had already had the purple of noble Qi in the golden yellow, and if Laner looked inward at this time. She will find that her purple True Qi has the golden color of the King’s Qi. The two men were still floating in midair, held by the white gas. By the ninth day, Zhao Ruying was really going crazy. Ouyang Fengtian has told Tianyu’s parents that Tianyu is practicing Ouyang’s mental method in seclusion during this period of time. Although his parents don’t know what seclusion is, since the old man accompanies Tianyu outside all day and protects the Dharma, he is not too worried. On the tenth day, the old man of the Zhao family calmed down instead. No matter how anxious he was now, it was useless. Although Ouyang Fengtian had already begun to be anxious, he was full of hope for Tianyu, because the boy brought surprises to himself every time, and the two old people did not talk to each other, so they sat outside the mountain gate all day, motionless. After the twelfth day,disc air diffuser, if you can see Tianyu, you can find that after five days floating in the air, the two men returned to the warm jade bed, and the white gas on their bodies slowly thinned up. On the thirteenth day, the white gas on her body had disappeared, and Laner’s skin was smoother and shining like jade under the light of the luminous pearl. The face of the old man of the Zhao family outside was pale and frightening, and now his heart can be said to be turning nine times a day. Finally, Tianyu and Laner opened their eyes at the same time,lamella clarifer, and both of them immediately converged with a flash of divine light. At this time, Laner is still maintaining that kind of shy posture, two people have come out of that kind of state without desire, Laner’s face immediately red up, she now feels that she has risen below, retreated a little, want to pull herself out. As soon as Laner moved his body, Tianyu gave a comfortable cry, holding Laner’s buttocks in both hands, and putting Laner’s body, which had just withdrawn a little, back again. Laner could not stand Tianyu’s action and could not help groaning. Tianyu put Laner down on the bed and rode on it. It’s been such a long time. How long will it be if we don’t take advantage of it at this time? At this time, Laner was so ashamed that she gasped and said, “Tianyu, let’s go out first. I don’t know how long it’s been. Don’t ask Uncle Ouyang and my father to wait.” Tianyu is moving slowly now. He said, wall penstocks ,disc air diffuser, “I don’t know how long it’s been, but it’s not too short of time, is it? Oh, Laner, your place is really tight. Laner didn’t hear such words. She begged for mercy and said, “Please, let me go now.” Of course, Tianyu said nothing at this time. In order to increase his skill, he practiced double cultivation. Now his desire is rising. At this time, people can’t help it. Tianyu stroked Laner’s body and said, “Laner, the skin on her body is smoother. Oh!”! Unexpectedly also can flash jade color “Tianyu slowly moved, looked down at the jade man who was pressed by himself, Tianyu sighed:” Lao Tzu’s Yan Fu is really too good, I really don’t believe it is true “Laner is also deeply in love with Tianyu now, in order to practice, can only start to press down the feelings, now has been successful, Laner knows that he has broken through the fourth layer of the bottleneck. Enter the fifth floor. Now Tianyu has moved on his body, when the Tao can not let Tianyu stop at this time, then Laner’s mind came up with the picture of the spring palace she saw last year, closed her eyes, and let Tianyu do whatever she wanted. With the movement of Tianyu, Laner’s body was also swinging up and down, and the two jade peaks were also shyly shaking up and down. Tianyu looked at the very jade peak and couldn’t help it any longer. He lowered his head and held Laner’s very jade peak, sucking the red cherry. At the same time, his lower body began to accelerate, and the range became larger and larger. Poor this is Laner’s first time, there eat up the two attacks of the sky, immediately Jiao panting unceasingly, groaning again and again. The two old men outside were still looking at the mountain gate with a wooden face. The old man of the Zhao family had lost a lot of weight. Ouyang Fengtian had also lost a lot of weight. Bi Yitianyu was now the hope of the Ouyang family. They didn’t believe it. Tianyu and Laner were going to Wushan at this time. Tianyu happily galloped on Laner’s white jade body for nearly an hour. Laner really couldn’t stand it. She couldn’t figure out how they could bear Tianyu’s favor like Peggy. Finally, Tianyu quickly carried out the last hundred times, with a low roar, hugged Laner tightly, and made himself enter the depths of Laner’s body to the greatest extent. Shoot all the essence into Laner’s body. At this time, Laner was already dying, soft to the bosom of Tianyu. The two of them hugged each other for a while. Laner regained a little strength and said softly, “Tianyu, you help me. Let’s get dressed and go out. The old man is anxious to wait. I think we always have three days.” Unexpectedly, after thirteen days, Laner broke the record of the first double training. Tianyu smiled and dressed Laner. Of course, it was always necessary to wipe some oil. Laner was really strong. When they were dressed, Laner tidied up her hair and asked shyly, “Tianyu, is her hair still messy?” Tianyu took one look and said, “It’s all right.” But now even a blind man can see what this girl has just experienced. Tianyu held Laner, pressed the button,Belt Filter Press, and the mountain gate slowly lifted up. It was already the afternoon of the thirteenth day. The two old men were staring at the door with a dull face. Suddenly, they saw the door move. They jumped up immediately, and the door slowly rose. Now the two old men changed their original dull appearance and ran up with their eyes shining.

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