Top ten standards for ultrasonic cleaning molds


There is a “perfect” mold and tool cleaning system that can significantly reduce man-hours and tool damage. What are the tool systems for cleaning molds? If it does, it will meet the following ten criteria:

1. The maintenance technician wants to use it.

2. All types are suitable for grinding, hardness and hardness of steel, plating, coating, polishing.

3. It does not require the technician to manually control or take care of the entire process.

4. It does not pose a safety hazard to people, to the machine and surrounding areas.

5. User friendly and environmentally friendly.

6. The cleaning device itself is easy to clean and maintain.

7. It won’t be noisy or irritating.

8. It has the ability to retain cleaning components and tools.

9. It will remove 90% of mold contamination.

10. It will not leave any type of residue, dust or gravel.
Method introduced by famous plastic injection mould manufacturers – Haohao mould.

All of the above requirements are ultrasonic immersion cleaning, no adverse effects, reduced cleaning time, improved mold cleanliness, reduced tool damage, etc. are all advantages of ultrasonic cleaning.

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