Those were some of the best times in my life

I’ve never seen a child who didn’t LOVE to sit on a pool table and roll the balls into the pockets. Somehow having a game room and playing games with family and friends seems to relieve that stress and tension and can make even the biggest of problems go away, at least for the moments we’re together anyway! So I’m convinced from my own experiences that: “Families That Play Together, Stay Together” Visit . It’s a good idea to turn off the computer and video game once in a while and play a “real” hands-on game! Invite family and friends over on the weekends. In billiards alone you learn how to hold a stick, aim and shoot the balls and rack them up afterwards. And it may not work for every family. Also for the youngest of children the pool balls are different colors with different numbers.

From the hand-eye coordination from playing pinball to the angles, cut/slice shots and bank shots in pool. Those were some of the best times in my life. All of those experiences made us become closer as a family. Although tempers flared at times someone would step in and remind us that it’s just a game.

That’s how we ended up with pinball games, a jukebox and an old bowling machine in our basement. Playing pool and games with my brothers and sisters into the early hours of the next morning. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you have to keep your head up and try harder the next time. Sometimes they were HUGE FIGHTS! But usually by the following weekend things were back to normal and we’d play together all night once again. You’d be warp knitting machine suppliers amazed at what a child can learn by playing those basic but fun table games.

They teach some great skills to children. Luckily my dad and a few of my brothers could fix them. With pinball you learn how to count numbers and keep score. Those coordination skills come in handy when you’re older and are great to learn as a kid. On many nights we had to swallow our pride! Those games taught us many life lessons right in our own home. We were taught to respect adults and that they would play first and we’d get our turn if we waited! Also that helped us to learn patience. It was done before I was born and games came and went all in the name of good old fashioned family fun! Now I’m the last of 10 children, 8 boys and 2 girls and I tell you this, our home game room worked wonders in keeping this family close! When I was young just about every weekend I remember my brothers and sisters who weren’t living at home anymore, visiting. But I firmly believe that “Families That Play Together, Stay Together”

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