This is one wonder which is absolutely breath taking

There are also a variety of other pumping engines on display here. Natural History Museum: In this museum you can see the geology of the Portsmouth area and a full-size reconstruction of Dinosaur ?Iguanodon? and other fossil remains. You can enter here through the Riverbank scene with Household Embroidery Machine Factory a fresh water aquarium and have a look at the different kinds of fish on display. You can also see the ?Ice Age? displays and early mammals and birds here.
The Spinnaker Tower: This is one wonder which is absolutely breath-taking.You can experience the stunning views from this unique 170m tower, visible from miles around. This is the newest landmark which is change the skyline of Portsmouth! Aspex Gallery: Here, tourists can experience the most creative and contemporary visual arts; locally, nationally and internationally.
There are programs of solo, grouped and themed exhibitions mostly centred on the work of younger or emerging artists. The 1642 Living History Village, Historic Site, Gosport: This is a representational Hampshire village set in the year 16. You could go back in time and experience this replica of how it used to be with timber and thatched buildings. Occupants dress and speak in 17th century style.Things to do:Portsmouth is also called the Waterfront city. It has a fantastic range of restaurants, bars and caf├ęs to soothe your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. Of course, it will suit your budget too. As far as shops are concerned, the choice is huge.Shopping: The Southsea, this major shopping complex has two department stores as well as a range of boutique shops.
There are florists, diamond merchants and antique dealers; even interior decorators to cater to your every shopping need. Of course, the cafes, restaurants and bars are numerous too. There is Gunwharf Quays with 80 outlets that sell big brand names for a discount prices. It is open seven days a week. The City Centre is famous for it?s branded and trendy stores.

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