This is because most companies desire gif banners

Banner Ad An banner ad is usually used for promoting a product/service online. The main aim of the banner ad is to attract the attention of audience. Online advertising has become popular and gained a lot of importance due to competition. The advertisers have started creating exclusive and striking ad banners to gain the attention of visitors. A webpage filled with a variety of ads gives an impression that the portal is flourishing. The notion – China PVC Tarpaulin Manufacturers the more the better’ seems to work well. Web Banner Web banners play an inevitable role in the success of websites because they are visually striking and communicate the message in a loud and clear way. They are used to publicize # products and service. The customer is taken to the advertised website when he/she clicks on the banner ad. This in turn increases the traffic. There are different kinds of web banners like flash banners, static banners, banner logo design, etc. Static Banner Static Banners are considered a complicated form of online banner advertising though they cannot withstand the competition posed by flash and gif animation. They are capable of providing a proficient and decent look to the website.

The banner design is ‘Simplicity at its Best’. This form of promotion scores more points than other means because the viewer can easily understand the message. Further, they may read the message within a few seconds instead of waiting for the gif, flash ad to load. Even a layman would understand the concept because there are fewer problems associated with the display or the browser. Probability of getting a positive response from static banners is higher compared to results obtained from a flashy design. This is because even an unknown audience would accept the message associated with a static design while the content on the flash banner may look unreliable. It makes the visitors think that the website will offer something in return other than just the captivating banner. Animated Gif Banners You might be under a wrong impression if you feel that the gif ads have been replaced by 3d animation.

This is because most companies desire gif banners instead of flash banners that tend to annoy viewers. The message gets exaggerated with increase in graphics. Therefore, it is a good idea to promote your website by using gif animation. Gif ads are considered browser friendly because they result in maximum output with minimum risk. Images are selected and then arranged one after another. It looks like the image or object is moving when the gif banner frames are played/looped within a particular time frame. It remains a valuable form of advertisement it lacks the attraction of flash animation. This banner ad has its set of advantages and disadvantages like other forms of web advertising. Flash Banners It is the most interesting and attractive form of web banner advertisement. Motion is given to the objects by using advanced and developed technology.

The program (flash) can be used to create web pages, entire sites, or to highlight important information and data. It plays an vital role in the success of a website because it persuades the viewer to click on the banner after looking at the advertisement. The demand for similar types of banner designs has improved with the increase in user prospect. It has become possible to include live coverage, videos of an event. A flash banner provides an astounding look to the website by making the visitors think that the portal is loaded with fashions, latest trends, and modern technology. However, these types of banners take a long time to load because of the huge file size. An effective Flash banner also acts as a good guide for users to plot their course from one page to another.

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