This is basically to dry the wet hair

Over the past few years bathrobes have become increasingly popular. It was mainly known to be worn before or after the bath, but now they are used during spa sessions, at swimming pools, beaches and even as an informal garment to simply relax at home. Due to their growing popularity bathrobes in the UK are being manufactured in different styles and colors. Cotton is the common material used in making the bathrobes. It is a natural fabric which easily absorbs water and perspiration.
Moreover, these are comfortable and soft on skin.  Kingly  is a manufacturer of different styles of bathrobes. Apart fabric for border from bathrobes it specializes in printed, jacquard, compressed, and beach towels in the UK. If you love bathrobes here are the types you can choose in accordance to your needs. Kimono The kimono is a Japanese garment which means ‘thing to wear’. The kimono style bathrobe has no collar but is very comfortable to wear. It is suitable for warmer weather. Shawl mattress fabric  another popular style of bathrobe is a shawl, which has got its name because the collar closes at the neck just like a shawl. The collar makes it very cozy to wear. Hooded The hooded bathrobes have a hood stitched into the neckline. This is basically to dry the wet hair and to keep it warm.
Zero Twisted The zero twisted bathrobes are very soft and absorbent. Unlike the other types of robes, the loops are more twisted so that it can absorb water more quickly.For the past few years bathrobes are in demand. Thesejacquard fabric  are not just being used before and after having a shower, but also worn at spa sessions and at swimming pools. Bathrobes are mainly made from cotton as it is a natural material which quickly absorbs water and is also soft on the skin.  Kingly can supply full custom made bathrobes in any colour, weight and size using high quality 100% virgin cotton. There are 2 types of finishes: Terry: Terry is a pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes.  The longer and denser the loops are, more absorbent the bathrobes are.mattress ticking  Velour: Velour is a fabric with cut loops. Velour bathrobes are typically made with terry inside, as terry cloth absorbs water better than velour. Velour gives the bathrobe luxury, coziness, and makes the garment softer to the touch. Kingly produce bathrobes for some very “reputable” brands that enjoy consistent quality and a reliable service.  With regards to price, Kingly will most certainly beat any EU price based on the quality of yarn used. Most Kingly bathrobes are full custom made with a minimum order quantity of 150 units.

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