There is a wide variety of colors available for embroidered clothing

Embroidery has been used to transfer text and images onto pieces of fabric for many years.  Unlike screen printing, there are no inks involved.  Instead, needle and colored thread is used to create the new design.  This process is very well suited for smaller designs like logos.If you need clothing designed for your employees or even for giveaways, then you will have to make the choice between embroidery and screen printing.
There are quite a few reasons you may want to choose embroidery.  Keep reading to learn about some of them.Every business wants their employees to look as professional as possible.  Having them all wearing the same uniforms is a good start.  Embroidery will take it to a higher level though as it simply exudes professionalism and quality with its designs.You also want your custom-designed clothing to last a very long time.  Screen printing offers durability, although the inks will be prone to fading over time.  This will take place much sooner if the clothing items are washed on a frequent basis.This is not much of a problem when it comes to Nylon Rayon Fabric Suppliers embroidery.  The colored threads will last much longer than inks when exposed to repeated washings.  If you own a restaurant or business where your employees will get their clothes dirty a lot necessitating they be washed, then embroidery is often your best choice.Some people are hesitant to choose embroidery because it costs slightly more than screen printed products.  However, embroidered clothing can still be a better investment thanks to the fact it will last longer than its screen printed counterparts.
There is a wide variety of colors available for embroidered clothing.  You do not have to pay additional money to have designs which feature multiple colors.  This is not the case with screen printing since you will have to pay more money if you use more colors.Screen printing offers plenty of versatility as it can transfer designs onto all sorts of materials.  Embroidery also offers a measure of versatility although its use limited to fabrics.  It can be used to transfer designs onto different materials as well as different clothing accessories such as shirts, hats, gloves, and scarves.It is important to note that both embroidery and screen printing are both good choices.  However, embroidery offers plenty of advantages you should consider before making your final decision on what to go with.

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