There is a new trend Wholesale AC Sockets Suppliers

There is a new trend Wholesale AC Sockets Suppliers that is unifying toys concepts, like the computer, telephone and television converge in a single device. In this case, the traditional wooden blocks and the doll that has been distilled into zeros and ones and placed in a verse which is itself the game itself. The big break when Barbie came and more.

In addition, a pioneer as always having been the first doll now is also the first USB wrist. Last season companies started selling a USB shaped Mattel diva allowed to enter the virtual world via internet Barbie Girls. Later proposals have emerged, such as making other imitations and even virtual wooden blocks.

The game also came in the early 50’s, when it occurred an interactive game came to the scene. It was created by an interactive game modeler in which, everything was reproduced on a screen, two players playing in a two-dimensional track passing the ball from one side to another of the network. After, Steve Russell and his face Martians in a space battle game revolutionized the world in the 60’s. This was the beginning of the new virtual era, too.

Thus, the toy has been linked physical and virtual worlds. Many wonder if this will displace each other. They rather coexist and complement each other. Many experts in games sees the introduction of Web 2.0 in the game as something logical. Toys are a reflection of the society that creates. Yet, it is imperative to warn that children also have to make a sensory learning. They need to handle, touch, feel, smell, and that is done with physical toys, those of life, not through the Internet or a console. Recommended to follow the natural stages of the game and limit access to these virtual worlds for kids up to seven years. For instance, this is when wooden blocks should come to play.

In short, it depends on what you believe. If you want your child to be happy, you might as well follow trends but teach him or her wisely. Currently, there are no alternative for children or simply exclusive unisex – except online games. What happened with traditional options like wooden blocks? It seems that a toy company strategy behind it profound study of human behavior and technology use by sex. Many investigations and studies indicate that up to 12 years, 75.4% of girls said surfing the internet, while they are six points behind. In addition, they are inclined to social networks for communication and conventional games.

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