There are three distinct regions you will need to

There are three distinct regions you will need to  Lost Ark Gold go to, however no be troubled: we will display all of it to you. First, stick with the main hallway and stick proper till you’re in the second hallway. You will find the primary Mokoko Seed on the give up of the hallway.Next you may want to go to the deck of Peyto. Here you’ll discover 3 Mokoko Seeds. This is the way you get them all:

The first Mokoko Seed is within the pool at the ship’s center.
The second one is on the a ways quit of the ship, in a chamber.
The third Seed is inside the Market District.
Here’s a map with all the Mokoko Seeds at the deck of Peyto, so it’s less complicated in an effort to locate.Have you saved count number? Good, then you definately know which you have four Mokoko Seeds on Peyto. How many have been there? Correct, 5. That method? Yup, one greater. And this little treat is hidden inside the Captain’s Quarters of Peyto.

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