There are millions of very healthy fat people that will probably

You may have a larger frame than most people and for this reason carry a little more weight than others. Bigger people live hugely stressful lives doing everything in their power to lose weight to conform to the norm in society which is to be slim and trim. Some people are naturally fat and go through life trying everything possible to lose weight to no avail because this is how nature has built you. There is no fat acceptance in society and if you are just a little overweight you are considered abnormal. Obesity is certainly an unhealthy problem that needs to be addressed in society, but this is an entirely different group of people that have gained weight unnaturally for a variety of reasons including psychological ones.
Accept it; You Are naturally FatThe lack of fat acceptance in society forces many people to spend thousands of dollars in their lifetimes purchasing dozens of different weight loss products and guides which sometimes even have dangerous side effects and cause strain on the heart. Many of these products promise that they are the answer for losing weight fast and are also extremely expensive as well.  Your body will probably lose a few pounds when you use certain products but when you stop, your body is going to regain the weight you lost to get back into its natural balance. It is not really yo-yo dieting, your body is trying to tell you something. It is you that are trying to fight your body’s natural balance, and if your right weight means that you are a little more round than others it is time to start accepting it. This means living your life with acceptance that you are fat. Start living your life and mixing with others who accept you the way you are!The lack of fat Acceptance in SocietyThe lack of fat acceptance in society and the enormous pressures placed on people to be thin have resulted in so much pressure on some that diseases like Anorexia and bulimia have skyrocketed. With weight loss industries adding more fuel to the fire insisting that being overweight is horrifyingly dangerous people are even more pressured to buy their products. It is agreed that being grossly overweight and obese is unhealthy, but you have got to know where the line is drawn.
There are millions of very healthy fat people that will probably live longer lives that slim and trim people who spend ratchet tie down straps how to use miserable lives popping more vitamins and supplements than eating for fear of gaining a single pound. Yes; they know that fat acceptance in society is zero and no one that is fat can fit in because society says that this is an abnormal condition. Pass the salad and never enjoy tasty food again!!Naturally slim people need to accept those that are naturally rounder than others.Fat acceptance in society means that everyone has to start understanding that we were built to be the way we are and nothing can change that. You will certainly know when it is prudent to lose some weight but you must always listen carefully to what your body is trying to tell you. Everyone has different metabolisms and some slim people burn nutrients so fast they can eat a ton of hamburgers and never gain a pound. Others just look at a picture and gain ten J  Weight Loss industries and people need to start being honest. Only then will fat acceptance in society become a reality.  The damage of being on a lifelong quest to lose weight can result in killing you. You will probably never have the time to enjoy a happy healthy life because even you cannot accept the fact that you are built bigger than others!

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