There are mainly automatic capsule filling machines and semi-automatic capsule

In order to meet the diversified requirements of modern commodity packaging, at present, domestic and foreign countries have begun to continuously develop general packaging machinery and equipment that are suitable for multiple varieties and small batches, thereby increasing the number of forms of packaging machinery. The filling machine is a packaging machine that packs the largest number of packages into various containers.

Capsule filling machine is a very precise equipment. Whether it is a transmission part or an execution part, it has high requirements on materials, heat treatment, machining accuracy and self-control of parts. This is the difference between domestic and imported machines. It is also the reason for the noise and poor stability of domestic machines. Therefore, in the imitation model, we should not stop at the imitation of the external dimensions, but based on a deep understanding of its working principle, digest and absorb its connotation, and develop a reasonable thing with its own characteristics.

In recent years, capsule filling machines have been widely used due to their high efficiency, good quality and ability to meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Capsule filling machines have become increasingly important in pharmaceutical companies. There are mainly automatic capsule filling machines and semi-automatic capsule filling machines on the market.

With the development of the national pharmaceutical industry, the semi-automatic capsule filling machine has been unable to meet the needs of high output of pharmaceutical companies. Driven by the ever-changing market demand, China has developed a fully automatic capsule filling machine, filling the country’s gap in this field. The structure of the full-automatic capsule filling machine consists of an empty capsule feeding device, a capsule dispensing device, a powder feeding device, a metering disc mechanism, a capsule filling and sealing mechanism, a main transmission mechanism in the box, and an electrical control system.

We always believe Blister Packaging Machine Suppliers with the development and application of computer technology, PLC is applied to the capsule filling machine system, which has greatly improved the technical performance and safety of the capsule filling machine.

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