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Finally, Su Yue saw Mo Shuang take back the eyes that fell on her face, and quickly and quietly glanced behind her. Finally, she turned her head to the ear of the man on the side and said something with a light smile. The man’s eyes stopped and immediately returned to normal. Su Yue knew that Mo Shuang had already received her message. With a slight relaxation in her heart and a sense of relief that the task had finally been completed, she bowed slightly and said, “Excuse me, civilian woman!” Turning around and about to leave, he was stopped by a man’s trembling voice of joy, “Wait!” It’s Leng Yu! Su Yue footsteps a meal, this just realized, just now oneself a moment of excitement, unexpectedly, the civilian woman retired, four words did not use ventriloquism, with the original voice. She turned around and saw Mo Shuang reach out to pull the sleeve of Leng Yu, who had suddenly stood up. She turned her eyes and quickly gave her a wink: “This girl is waiting beside her for a while.” Finally, she looked up at Leng Yu and said with a slight smile: “Don’t worry, there are several girls behind you. It’s not too late to make a decision after reading it first. Uh Su Yue clearly saw her holding Leng Yu’s hand and shaking it heavily. Leng Yu, who received the hint, was stunned. Although he knew that there was a deep meaning, he did not understand why. Seeing Mo Shuang’s eyes, he had to close his lips and sit down again, but his eyes were looking at Su Yue. Su Yue hung her face lightly and retreated to one side according to the words. She also received the message that Mo Shuang had just passed on to her. Choose the imperial concubine to continue. With Li Quansheng’s shrill “Next”, the woman moved lightly and leisurely towards the front of the stage. Dressed in a light yellow palace dress, the woman’s eyes are like the moon,Inflatable indoor park, her lips are like cherry blossoms, her eyebrows are like willows, and her face is beautiful. Moreover, there was no sign of nervousness and timidity to face the saint, and he was calm and generous. Looking down at her flowery skirt, Su Yue only felt a heart lifted. The woman lightly hooked her lips and stood still in front of Leng Qisu, Mo Shuang, and Leng Yu. Ying Ying saluted, “See the emperor,inflatable amusement park, the empress, and the crown prince!” The voice is as clear as pearls. Leng Yu turned his eyes, glanced at her lightly, and his eyes circled toward Su Yue again. Mo Shuang smiled gracefully. Leng Qisu Wenrun raised his hand and said, “get up.” “Thank you, Your Majesty!” The woman called Daiyu slowly straightened her waist, suddenly, her lips smiled, her eyes turned cold, and at the same time, she reached into her sleeve with lightning speed and took out a black thing. It’s a pistol! Su Yue was shocked. People do not know this thing, so they are all stunned. At the moment when the dark muzzle of the gun was about to face Mo Shuang, someone had been on guard for a long time, and his movements were swift and swift, his sleeves were suddenly raised, and a candied fruit placed on the table broke through the air and hit the woman’s wrist. It’s Leng Qisu. “Just now the appearance of gentle as jade is long gone, at this time his eyes are as cold as the frost in December.” Bang, Inflatable bouncer ,Jumping castle with slide, the trigger was pulled at the same time, the woman snorted, the pistol out of hand. A bullet sprayed out of the dark muzzle, originally aimed at Mo Shuang, but because of this, the bullet deviated from its direction and went straight in the direction of Su Yue. Su Yue startled, the pupil reflected the fast approaching warhead, instinctively wanted to dodge, but at the same time, it was suddenly a heavy waist, the figure in front of her eyes shaking, she has been pushed away by an external force. Rapid stagger back moment, she saw the person who pushed her, is flying forward Leng Yu, she also saw the bullet impartially shot into the vest of Leng Yu. Ah! Su Yue frightened, “Leng Yu!” 。 Before the man fell down, two figures rushed forward to support him. One is Su Yue and the other is Mo Shuang. Yuer.. Everyone was shocked, and it was only then that they realized what had happened. Li Quansheng turned pale and shouted, “escort, escort!” That compartment, Leng Qisu is easy to take down the woman. The woman smiled coldly, and as soon as her pupils converged, she made a gesture to bite her tongue and commit suicide. Leng Qisu, who had a quick eye and a quick hand, stretched out her hand and touched her acupoint. The woman could not move. Leng Qisu ordered the guards who had heard the sound in a deep voice. Take the man down and hold him alone. I will interrogate him in person! This compartment Mo Shuang hurriedly ordered Li Quansheng, “Quick, quick Xuan Taiyi!” Everyone is in a mess. Children, please support genuine reading It is night, and the night is as cool as water. North cool, palace. When Shu Siqian came to the imperial study, the Chamberlain Lu Hai was standing at the door with his eyes and nose. When he saw her, Lu Hai was slightly stunned and hurriedly saluted, “Shu Zhangzhen.” “Is the emperor inside?” [244] There you are. Updated: August 25, 2013 22:20:30 Words in this Chapter: 5119 When Shu Siqian came to the imperial study, the Chamberlain, Lu Hai, was standing at the door. Seeing her, Lu Hai hurriedly saluted, “Shu Zhangzhen.”. 4” “Is the emperor inside?” Lu Hai looked pale and sighed in a low voice. Shu Siqian lowered her eyelashes slightly and made a gesture to push the door, but she was stopped by Lu Hai. “I’m sorry, Shu Zhangzhen. The emperor told me that no one is allowed to enter without his permission.” “Anyone?” Shu Siqian smiled coldly and squinted at Lu Hai. Her red lips opened lightly. “Do you know the relationship between this officer and the emperor?”? Couch Relationship? Lu Hai shook, although he was Shang Muyan’s man early in the morning, but these two people. He really doesn’t know what the relationship is. Just when he was slightly stupefied, Shu Siqian had already reached out and pushed open the door and went in. Lu Hai was startled and wanted to stop it. The other party had already returned to cover the door and lost a sentence, “Don’t worry, I will bear all the guilt.”. Bin ” If not before entering the door, she could see clearly the plaque on the door, the imperial study, Shu Siqian would really think that she had gone to the wrong place. No smell of ink, only a roomful of wine, no books on the desk, no memorials, only wine jars. The man leaned back on the soft chair, his eyes closed lightly, and under his eyelids there was a faint grey color,Inflatable water obstacle course, but his cheeks were flushed, and he was obviously hungover, even when someone approached him.

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