The Wahl Professional Senior Premium Hair Clipper

The company’s success has been steadily building after the first electric clipper was made by Leo Wahl in 1919. Since Notebook Paper Manufacturers  then, the company has perfected the professional hair clipper and added to it unique features that further assist the stylist in creating flawless haircuts with a great ease of use. Today, the company is run by Leo’s grandson, and enjoys a spot as most salon experts most favorite and trusted as well as an industry leader in many countries around the world.The Senior series of hair clippers from Wahl, are designed to meet the unique needs of the professional hair stylists and barber. For this reason, these professional clippers are especially durable, very powerful and easy to use.

The Wahl Professional Senior Premium Hair Clipper 8500 is an all around great hair clipper for basic cutting of short to medium length hair. Its power plant, the V5000 motor, is ultra powerful, but still runs quiet and stays cool, even after long hours of use. An ergonomic design provides comfort and ease of use and significantly reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The blades are high-precision, and can be adjusted to a zero-overlap for a smooth and clean cut that can be faded, tapered, or textured without having to change blades.

The Wahl Senior Premium Hair Clipper comes with a hair styling comb, a cleaning brush, Wahl hair clipper oil and lubrication, a blade guard, operating instructions, 1 attachment comb, 1/8″, and a durable metal case. The Wahl Senior hair clipper is a lightweight, high-quality clipper that can be used in the salon or at home for those who like to take care of their own haircuts. It is extremely easy to use has some great tools to help create amazing results. Wahl stands behind it’s products so much that they even provide a 1 year limited manufacture warranty on their clippers.Wahl clippers are a trusted cutting tool found in many hair salons all over the globe. Still a strong presence in the industry after such a long history, Wahl will undoubtedly continue on in its successful journey. Purchase our own Wahl Senior.

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