The strong crushing force crushes the stone into a smaller particle size

Folding machines, pleating machines, and pleating machines cheap high speed embroidery machine price sometimes produce severe vibrations during production, especially when crushing large pieces of stone into small particles, which requires a very strong external force Role. Moreover, the general crusher equipment cannot crush large stones.  It can be turned and observed by hand after stopping the machine, and find a way to make the hammer rotate flexibly.

The main shaft is bent and deformed. The solution is to straighten or replace. The creasing machine, pleating machine, and pleating machine are specially used for coarse crushing of large stones.The strong crushing force crushes the stone into a smaller particle size, and then other types of crushers carry out the next step of fine crushing. The weight of other parts on the rotor is unbalanced.

The bottom corner fixing nut is not tightly fixed or loosened during operation. The solution is to tighten. At this time, you need to carefully check and adjust the balance. The bearing clearance exceeds the limit or is damaged. 1. The hammer is installed incorrectly during the maintenance and assembly. The individual hammer pieces are stuck too tightly and are not thrown off during operation.

Generally, the problem can be solved by replacing the new bearing. In the broken big rock In the process, working for a long time will cause severe vibration of the creasing machine, creasing machine, and pleating machine equipment, affecting production; at the same time, it will cause certain safety hazards to the human body.

Corresponding to the weight difference between the two sets of hammers exceeds 5 grams. In order to prevent the weight of the rotor from losing balance when the hammer is used in reverse, all the hammers in the crusher must be Change sides and turn around, otherwise strong vibration will occur during operation. The elimination method is to adjust the weight of the hammer so that the difference between the weight of the corresponding two groups is less than 5 grams

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