The reborn daughter-in-law dressed as a mother-in-law

At the end of the year, she could not talk on the phone several times. For this matter, my aunt talked a lot with my uncle and my cousin Dahai, thinking of ways to get this worry-free second boy back to China. It’s not impossible to transfer back. Anyway, diplomats stationed abroad will change every five years. The key is that Erhai cousin has his own thinking, do not want to come back, there is no way. I just don’t know when to abduct a foreign daughter-in-law and whether it will frighten the elders in the family. But Zhao Qingru felt that on this issue, perhaps the two elders of the Xu family were more open-minded than the eldest uncle and aunt: as long as the two cousins were willing to get married, even if it was a male daughter-in-law, it would not be a problem to take care of them. Of course, if it is really a male daughter-in-law, there will be a little trouble in the research and development of the second generation. Afterwards, Zhao Qingru asked Jiang Lin a little about it, because the plan had changed temporarily, Zhao Qingshan did not get what he wanted. This let Qian Yinan secretly relieved at the same time, but also let her realize that in some things, men and women think about the problem is completely different. Even if his temper again careless, like a tomboy, but in the end is not a real man. Especially after getting married and having children. And these, Zhao Qingru is naturally not clear. Time passed quickly,whirlpool hot tub, and half a month passed in a twinkling of an eye. The 24th is Christmas Eve in the West, and Christmas is not popular in China at this time. However, Zhao Qingru cleaned the courtyard inside and outside with great interest, and then carefully arranged it. Even in order to set off the atmosphere, he specially got a small cedar tree and hung a lot of colorful lights and ornaments on it. Of course, I also prepared several big red socks. Mom, mom,endless swim pool, I want a little sister. Zhao Qingru told her little guy something about Christmas Eve and Christmas in the form of a story. In the interval of hanging big socks beside the bed together, he also told Ohara that he could draw the gifts he wanted on paper and put them in the socks. It’s just that Zhao Qingru seems to have overlooked something. Sister, what sister? Zhao Qingru hasn’t come to her senses yet. Sitting on Zhao Qingru’s lap, Xiao yuanyuan can take a picture of Zhao Qingru’s flat abdomen. Xiao yuanyuan patted her gently and said, “Mom, little sister here, my little sister.” “……” “Eh?”? Sister Qing Ru, you really have my brother’s child this time. Zhou Wenyan, who had just entered the room, just heard this sentence. What a mess! There is no such thing. “No, my eldest brother can’t?!” Zhou Wenyan obviously thought crooked, “this whole day engaged in scientific research, hard work.”. It is said that the more highly educated intellectuals are, the more difficult it is to have children. It seems that this is true. “Zhou Wenyan!” Zhao Qingru really a little think impassability, endless pool swim spa ,best whirlpool tub, that year obviously very shy a little girl, why just a few years kung fu looks a little long crooked. All right, all right, just kidding. Zhou Wenyan grinned and clapped his hands at Xiao yuanyuan, “Xiao yuanyuan, do you know your little aunt?” “Little Aunt.” Although Zhou Wenyan did not come to the courtyard very often, Xiao yuanyuan had a good memory and remembered the little aunt who always liked to tease him. Zhou Wenyan held Xiao yuanyuan in her arms, holding Xiao yuanyuan’s chubby little hand while observing Zhao Qingru, who was arranging the small cedar tree, without any trace. After a long time, I didn’t see Zhou Wenyan speak. Sister Qing Ru, why are you thinking about Christmas? “It’s just an excuse to have a good meal.” Zhao Qingru hung the colorful lanterns on the small cedar and turned on the power supply. Because there are more children in the family, even if they know that their little ones will not touch the power supply of these small colored lights, Zhao Qingru still uses the charging type with relatively higher safety. Wen Yan, if you have anything to say, can you say it directly between us? “Yes, too.” Zhou Wenyan thought about it, smiled, and asked, “Sister Qing Ru, when are you going to talk to my eldest brother?” “Why do you suddenly ask about this?” Although it will be 1982 in a few days, Zhao Qingru is only 20 years old. Although they have reached the age of marriage, they are still a little short of the age limit of late marriage and late childbirth. The most important point is that she and Zhou Wentao have known each other for many years now. Although the seven-year itch is not so exaggerated, they have the illusion of an old couple. Is it because you haven’t had sex yet, so you don’t have much passion? It’s more like a long stream of water, and even the ups and downs are not easy to appear. It’s nothing. It was my mother who said she would come to Yanjing for the Spring Festival this year because she knew that my eldest brother was busy and could not go back to Mordor. Zhou Wenyan pursed her mouth and carefully observed the change of Zhao Qingru’s expression. Is it just uncle and aunt? “I hear it is, but you know our old lady has never been a fuel-efficient lamp.”. It is estimated that they will not only come with me, but also bring my uncle’s family and my sister-in-law’s family. “Where do you live?” Zhao Qingru Liu Mei slightly picked, “your eldest brother is a single small dormitory.”. And his research Institute is a national key scientific research unit. On weekdays, strangers are not allowed to approach. Zhou Wenyan naturally knows this. Before, she once kindly sent clothes to her eldest brother, after three checks, it can be said that layers of checks, wasting half a day before allowing access to the outermost room. So, I’m going to take people directly to the hostel. I’ve found it all, and the price is not expensive. “In fact, the yard next door is still empty.” Zhao Qingru pondered for a moment, looked up at Zhou Wenyan and said, “It’s just that during the Spring Festival, no matter what, I have to go back to the courtyard.”. “Grandma Qian is at home alone, and I’m not at ease.” “No, no.”. Sister Qing Ru, the reason why I mentioned this to you is that I have no other intention. Ture Zhou Wenyan waved her hand repeatedly and explained,jacuzzi swim spa, “I just want to mention it to you so that you can have a mental preparation.”. Also That one After all, that’s my mother, if. If something happens to make you unhappy. 。

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