The PHEV system of China cooling fan motor Suppliers

In fact, this configuration does not include innovative one conventional gearbox or a conventional drive shaft, but the system is electronically controlled, while the gasoline engine drives the front wheels (in parallel hybrid mode) through a train of gears.

The PHEV system of China cooling fan motor Suppliers Mitsubishi Motors uses a newly developed set of two engines and four-wheel drive, combined with the S-AWC (“Super All Wheel Control”) from Mitsubishi. Based on the technology of four-wheel drive developed and perfected in the Lancer Evolution, the S-AWC integrates control 4WD system, ASC and ABS, working in tandem with the PHEV system.

Both engines drive the front and rear axles independently. Because virtually no delay and offer superior control, motors ensure precise control and finer 4WD system. Twin 4WD system does not need a motor shaft, a hydraulic system or a disk clutch for connecting the front and rear axles, as in conventional 4WD systems.

With regard to the charge, the Outlander PHEV can connect to any electrical outlet with a charging time of 4 hours to fully charge (240V – 15A) or 30 min with rapid charger (standard CHADEMO).

Also, the driver can also change to a “battery charging mode” up, charging through the gasoline engine when there is no possibility of power supply (outdoor activities, etc. …) and also when the driver applies the brakes, front and rear motors act as generators, recovering and using the kinetic energy for charging the traction battery.

The Outlander PHEV applies from the most advanced integrated system MIEV series, including a role for the Plug-in system. This function controls not only the battery and the electric motors, but also the combustion engine and generator. The operating system automatically select three driving modes (EV, series and parallel) according to battery level and driving conditions, enhancing driving performance and fuel economy.

The highest member of the range of the new Outlander, Outlander PHEV remains nevertheless an Outlander, with only minor visual changes, consciously introduced, both external (new color launch “Silver Technical ‘specific grille, LED taillights alloy wheels of 18 inches, bumpers body color) and internal (panel with unique, high contrast indicators with power indicator, shift lever joy stick type, etc., …).

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