The modern urban man has started preferring

Let us have a look at what will rock the fashion urban scene this spring.Denim would be a great hit, not only in jeans, but in jackets and casual pants too.  Black leather jackets will keep their popularity in street style urban wear throughout the spring season this year.Striped dress shirts will translate into the work wear, as well as athletic sneakers.  Men’s tank tops would be very popular, as well as tracksuits for a casual street style look.For spring 2011, urban wear led urban lamp Manufacturers t-shirts with funny messages and logos will be in great demand.  Embroiders have already paved their way into urban wear and you will find them on shorts, jeans and jackets this spring.  It is quite obvious that street style urban wear for men has changed a lot through the years.A few years ago, you would see men wearing huge baggy jeans and pants with their boxers exposed which became part of the hip hop culture.  It was considered fashionable then, but nowadays you can rarely see that.

The modern urban man has started preferring skinny jeans and tight pants.  The latest fashion in street style urban wear has nothing to do with what used to be considered fashionable a few years ago.  The pieces which were worn with baggy jeans changed as well, seeking proportion and a slimmer silhouette.Jackets, shirts and tees have to match the jeans and pants.  So if you are wearing tight jeans, then the top needs to complement this look.  Oversized clothes are definitely not the fashion thing this spring.Prints and patterns of this spring/summer are plaid, native patterns—like those of the Aztec, Inca and Mayan influenced prints—and camouflage.

When it comes to this spring’s trendy colors, go for checkered shirt patterns with red and white, or black and white, combined with beige pants.Other colors to consider are light green, blue and yellow for t-shirts, and dark brown for cardigans and leather jackets.  Ragged and faded jeans are a total hit this spring, so don’t be afraid to give some edge to your urban look.A big hit for the colder spring days is the bomber jacket.  You can see it on urban styled men and celebrities.  Akademiks, Rocawear and Sean Jean’s collections offer great bomber jackets this season.This year, strut your hoody, adorn your look with accessories, scarves and hats.  You’d be surprised at how multifunctional this spring/summer street style urban fashion is going to be.

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