The Megabind 1E makes this process quick and easy

The Megabind 1E is a plastic comb binding system that is a great fit for medium sized businesses, schools and any other organization that wants the ability to bind their own plastic comb books quickly and efficiently. With a host of features not normally seen in machines in its class, the Megabind 1E is a great buy. Here are a few reasons to check out this great binding solution. 1. The Megabind 1E gives you the ability to punch up Wholesale Canvas to 20 sheets at a time, and to do it quickly and easily with its electric motor. 2. The first thing you will notice about the electric version of the Akiles Megabind is that this is one rough, tough, and ready machine. All if its major parts and components are made of high quality metal, and this is clearly a machine that was designed to give you many years of faithful duty.

Akiles has built a well earned reputation across the industry for creating some of the most durable binding machines on the market, and you’ll find that the Megabind 1E is no different. 3. There are several features that place the Megabind 1E among the head of its class, but one of the main things that make this a versatile workhorse is that it gives you 24 fully disengageable punching pins. A lot of the other punches on the market can only handle this paper size or that. The Megabind 1E, however, with its disengageable dies gives you the flexibility to work with just about any paper size there is. Although the vast majority of your projects are likely to be letter or perhaps legal size, it’s nice to know that you have the ability to create documents in any size should the need arise. 4. And you will be able to do your punching and binding in a durable and functional way thanks to the handy depth of margin punch control. As you may know, different thicknesses of documents behave better when the holes are punched the appropriate distance from the edge of the page. For instance for thinner booklets, its better to have the holes further in so the pages don’t accidentally rip out. For thicker documents, punching the holes closer to the edge ensures that the pages will turn easily.

The Megabind 1E makes this process quick and easy, and ensures that your documents will be both attractive and functional. 5. The Megabind 1E includes a high quality plastic comb opener, and gives you the ability to produce books that are up to 425 pages thick. And for all thicknesses, there is a spine size guide which aids the user in picking the right size of plastic comb spine to use for each document. 6. Another thing you are sure to like about the Megabind 1E is its convenient foot pedal operation. This great touch increases your binding speed productivity greatly and also ensures punching accuracy by allowing you to keep both hands on your paper stacks while the Megabind 1E does the hard work for you.

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