The ingot standard requires 54 unused three new molds

Used to produce more than 100 parts, no mold cracks were found. On the basis of pre-cooling, water quenching, and oil cooling quenching in the air, further increase the water cooling time (if the water cooling time is longer, the workpiece may crack), in order to improve the cooling rate of the core and reduce the temperature transformation structure. Crack cause analysis and solutions.   Table 3 Results Mechanical properties

The ingot standard requires 54 unused three new molds to be re-tempered using the process shown. The hardness of the mold after heat treatment is required to be 42~47HRC, and the heat treatment process is as shown.   As can be seen from the above data, the mechanical properties fully meet the technical standards. The hardness of the end face of the test piece is 33HRC, which is estimated to be decarburization on the outer surface during quenching.  Drill hollow quenching and tempering treatment, the inner hole is prone to cracks, which is a common problem in the heat treatment industry. Check, the organization is tempered sorbite plus torticite. The water quenching coefficient increased from 0.

The mold is preheated to about 250C before use. After tempering, the hardness of the mold is determined to be 41~43HRC. When in use, the new mold only forged 8 parts, and cracking occurred. 1. The cracking position is as much as the time r/min heat treatment process of the tire mold..8 to 1 to about 1. The data in Table 3 below are the mechanical properties of the two furnaces that we randomly selected from production. Before use, fill the inside and outside of the mold with an iron block heated to 600~7501C to reheat the mold repeatedly. The fuel injector body produced by our factory adopts tire die forging, the mold material is 5CrMnMo, and the mold shape is shown. Its purpose is, on the one hand, to reduce the hardness of the mold; on the one hand, to eliminate the influencing factors of insufficient tempering on the mold.

Through this method, we have developed ZT10, ZT11 oil drilling tools, so that our plant’s production of oil drilling tools has reached the international advanced level.   5CrMnM mold with large size difference in cavity shape, its best use hardness Plastic Infusion Apparatus Parts Suppliers is about 41~43HRC, too high hardness is easy to crack.   The new mold should be fully preheated before use, the preheating temperature is 150~300t: better.

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