The First Medicine Concubine Runs with Baby

If you can stay with Ling Binghe, you will not only have a number of benefits, but also have the opportunity to court handsome men. However, at this time, Yu Ziluo’s eyes swept over Luo Yuyi, immediately let Luo Yuyi’s body tremble slightly. The man’s eyes were so cold and bright, his eyes were so sharp as if they were swords, which made people’s skin hurt slightly, and even made Luo Yuyi tremble with fear, subconsciously restraining the bad thoughts in his heart. What’s the matter? Ling Binghe hugged his teeth and raised his eyebrows at Luo Yuyi. When I first came to Tianyue College, I had no one to depend on, so I had to flatter Miss Lu. Xiao He, in fact, this is not my original wish. Luo Yuyi’s comely face floated with the meaning of begging, his face was full of guilt, and his eyes seemed to have a faint surge of tears. I come from a humble background and dare not oppose Miss Lu. Xiao He, will you blame me? “I’m not so emotional.” Ling Binghe answered very simply. So you won’t blame me for Xiao He? Luo Yuyi did not expect to get Ling Binghe’s forgiveness so easily. Come on, how did she understand that? Ling Binghe is a little speechless. Of course, she did not care much about the practice of Luo Yuyi, after all, the existence of Luo Yuyi for her, but an acquaintance, the word friend,Pi tape measure, Ling Binghe has never been put on Luo Yuyi. Originally an insensitive person, how could Ling Binghe have emotional fluctuations because of her behavior? “So we’re still friends?” Luo Yuyi quickly changed her position, and the word “friend” was really neglected to her. I saw Luo Yuyi stretched out his hand, ready to lead Ling Binghe’s hand, but with a bang, he was thrown away by Ling Binghe. Luo Yuyi stepped back and a red tide quickly floated on his face. Xiaohe, do you climb the high branch now and start to turn against people? Takaeda? Ling Binghe looked left and right, and by the way fixed his eyes on Yu Ziluo. Yu Ziluo was stared at by her with a deep meaning,Horse weight lbs, and immediately hummed, staring at what? You are Gao Zhi, do you understand? Ling Binghe’s eyes revealed such news. On the cold and proud face of Yu Ziluo, the word Gao Zhi was written. Boring woman! Yu Ziluo is also too lazy to pay attention to it. However, Ling Binghe felt that Luo Yuyi was thick-skinned enough to say such words, and after a symbolic apology, the accusation was also said in righteous words. If you don’t remember the old love like this, I will reveal the things you can’t see. Luo Yuyi simply tore his face, and if Ling Binghe didn’t want to mention his past, he would always give her some benefits to stop her mouth. Even if Ling Binghe is extremely clever, intelligent and lovely, but still feel that Luo Yuyi’s words are a little difficult to understand. It seemed that Luo Yuyi was threatening her. Even one side of the feather violet, is also a pair of you have done what shameful things in the end. But collecting memories, Ling Binghe really can’t remember. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ling Binghe told the truth, but in Luo Yuyi’s view, this is absolutely unscrupulous. You- “Ling Binghe is really bullying people too much, Wheel tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, do you think that if you climb up to a master of heaven, you can not look at yourself?”? At this time, Zhao Ya and a group of Chiban girls Yingying came. Oh, isn’t this Xuan Ban Luo Yuyi who has drawn a clear line with Miss Ling? Are you so condescending to find Miss Ling again? Zhao Ya akimbo, suddenly can not help but a sarcastic. This Luo Yuyi, is really the best of the best, flattery in the college, so disgusting and obvious, it makes people sick to their stomachs. Just now he said that he was not familiar with Ling Binghe, and now he came to set up a relationship. I really don’t know if he knows what the word shame is. The girl of Chiban also hated Luo Yuyi, the traitor, and came to hurt Luo Yuyi. She’s not fawning on Miss Shanglu. Why are you so free now? “Miss Ling must not be familiar with her. With Miss Ling’s identity, how can she know such a villain?” Luo Yuyi listened to these words, first his cheeks were red, then his eyes were cold. Ling Binghe, I will never forget the humiliation you brought to me today! If Ling Binghe knew that Luo Yuyi would put this account on his head, he would definitely feel wronged. See Luo Yuyi plain skirt gently, Yingying left, but the plain hand is tightly grasped, anyway, this matter, he will never give up easily. Ling Binghe looked at the back of her departure and muttered a boring sentence in his heart. He came inexplicably and left strangely. In the city of Liluo, a carriage came quickly. On the carriage, a middle-aged beautiful woman was worried. However, when she saw a pair of young men and women beside her, her frowning eyebrows were slowly stretched out. Tianshui, don’t blame Niang for treating you badly. You are not my own daughter. Just now, I don’t know how you are. White charming gently sighed, looking at the young people and girls around him, the corners of the mouth also showed a smile. At this moment, the white charm naturally did not know that her adopted daughter, who was dependent on each other but had no blood relationship, was also in the city of Liluo, and had begun to show her bright light. Bai Charming, who seldom travels far nowadays, is somewhat perturbed in her heart. Are we really going to stay in Liluo City tomorrow? Looking at Ming’er, Bai’s charming eyes are full of love. Ming’er is a descendant of the Bai family, and is also Bai’s own nephew. In those years, the Bai family had a sudden disaster, and the nephew did not know where he had gone. Now his own nephew is handsome, smart and capable. Bai’s own nephew has no children, so he naturally treats Bai Yuming as half a son. One side of the girl, looking at Bai Yuming, eyes are floating a few shy. Hua Yunyi is also in the flower family, under the arrangement of the flower broken mark, adopted to the white charm, usually also to the white charm is very flattering. Auntie, you can rest assured that I have my own friends in Liluo City, and the custody arrangements are properly arranged. Bai Yuming said with a smile, but there was a trace of calculation in his eyes. The white charm originally does not have the independent opinion, hears the white feather bright this kind of speech,horse weight tape, also gently nods, gently coughs two, on the face floated the light bitter and astringent. Do you know tomorrow that you are his own mother.

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