The doctor reminds that outdoor activities should be minimized

Bronchitis attack should be used immediately to avoid danger and life-threatening. The public should choose scientific protective masks to prevent diseases. Every time you wear it for 3-4 hours, it should be cleaned and disinfected regularly and placed in the sun to dry. This

The doctor reminds that outdoor activities should be minimized and outdoor travel should be minimized in fog and haze. Don’t open the window, reduce the door opening time, if you have to be outdoors, you should wear a mask.    Wu Xiaomei said that the masks currently on the market

There are six main types, namely N95 dust masks, medical gauze, blue sterilization masks, ordinary white cotton masks, and various patterns of chemical fiber masks and other material masks on the market. Finally, patients with basic respiratory diseases should prepare some quick-acting rescue drugs.Dust masks are more helpful in protecting the respiratory system in foggy weather. The mask should not be worn for a long time. In terms of mask selection, It is best to use special dust masks, such as N95 masks, which have multiple layers of medical gauze.

The doctor also said that many people cover their mouth and nose when walking on the road, which is useless, because the air comes from all directions and Airlaid Paper Manufacturers is invisible, so you must wear a special Masks. Every time you go back to the room, you should clean your nasal cavity and brush your teeth to avoid secondary damage to the respiratory tract caused by toxic particles and dust. Such masks have better dust filtering effects and will prevent respiratory diseases. Ordinary chemical fiber masks are difficult to prevent dust It should be used selectively. Wu Xiaomei, director of the first ward of the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said that in the case of sudden air quality decline, protection is more important than treatment

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