The contents of this library are the examples of hot mold use

Establishment of expert system Injection Syringe Mould Factory to the theory of expert system, the material expert system for hot work die steel selection was designed as shown. The maximum value of the residual stress on the side of the ceramic layer changes with 2r (3) Keep the width and spacing of the micro-pits unchanged, and investigate the change in depth h to Simx and Smy It is not difficult to see that both Smx and Smy change monotonically with increasing h.3 Mold Example Library The contents of this library are the examples of hot mold use. In the face of the large variety of mold steels on the market, enterprises often hesitate when choosing materials for mold steels and do not know how to start. 1. Welcome.

This work is based on the performance data of these materials and selected 6 hot work die steels commonly used at home and abroad: B2, 8407, QRO90, YHD3 For LM1 and LM2 steels, the performance test was carried out according to the test conditions of 3丨, the performance data of hot work die steel was supplemented, and a large amount of performance data of these hot work die steels was analyzed, sorted and classified to obtain the steel performance data Up to 291 parameters.

In order to make the data classification of the database clear, compact, and simple in structure, and to improve the processing speed of the computer, 291 parameters were analyzed and classified into 17 categories, corresponding to the establishment of 17 sub-libraries, which are: chemical composition, hardness,

Heat treatment process, thermal fatigue performance, thermal stability, tensile performance, impact and fracture toughness, high temperature strength, thermal wear performance, forging performance, tempering stability, forging process, oxidation resistance, thermal fusion loss performance, thermoplastic friction Coefficient, cutting performance and heart performance etc. The established lubricating material library includes six categories of lubricants: ① hot forging die lubricant; ② hot extrusion die lubricant; ③ die casting die lubricant; ④ cold forging and cold extrusion die lubricant; ⑤ fine blanking and cold Die lubricant for stamping and drawing;

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