The color of the leaves will be determined mainly by how the leaves are processed

You may be aware that there are different types of tea namely white, green, black, and oolong.  What you may not know however is that all of them come from  Chinese Best Teas Suppliers  the exact same plant.
The color of the leaves will be determined mainly by how the leaves are processed.The different types of leaves produce different types of teas that each have their own characteristics.  All of them will have different tastes and varying levels of caffeine.  Also, the health benefits of each type of tea will vary.WhiteWhen you think of tea, you typically don’t think of white tea.  It has the least caffeine of all the different types thanks to the fact that the leaves are the least processed.  When brewed, the leaves yield a lightly colored tea with a slightly fruity taste.  The main health benefits of white tea stem from the antioxidants it contains.  This type of tea is great for your skin and overall complexion.GreenOne of the most popular types of tea is green tea.  It typically contains no more than 10% caffeine in each cup, which is slightly more than white tea.  There are hundreds of different varieties of green tea for you to try.As is the case with white tea, this type of tea contains plenty of healthy antioxidants.  In addition to being good for your skin , green tea will help you maintain a proper cholesterol level and blood sugar level.  It can also help keep your teeth in good shape.BlackIf you reside in the United States or United Kingdom, then you likely think of black tea whenever you hear the word tea.  Americans typically brew black tea using a tea bag.  Since the tea leaves are highly processed, black tea has plenty of caffeine in each cup.  If your cholesterol level is already in a good range, then drinking black tea on a regular basis will help it stay that way.  Studies have also concluded that this type of popular tea is good for both your circulatory and cardiovascular systems.
OolongFinally, there is Oolong tea.  This type of tea lies between green and black tea.  The leaves are semi-processed, so each cup has about 15% caffeine.  Oolong tea is reputed to help people lose weight more easily.  If you drink this type of tea on a regular basis, then it is said to help slow the appearance of wrinkles.

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