The blade is made out of Solingen

MBM, a company based in Charleston, South Carolina, has a great lineup of electric paper cutters that are good for heavy-duty use including the Triumph 4250. We recently took a look at this device and came up with a list of its strengths and weaknesses so you can consider it for use in your workplace. Here it is….  Strengths:    The 4250 can cut up to 1.5 inches of paper at a time. This is a good cutting capacity because you’ll be able to trim a couple hundreds sheets at once. It would take too long to process that many sheets with a rotary or guillotine trimmer, so this machine can help you save time.This machine can cut paper that’s up to 16.875” wide. There is ample room both in front of and behind the blade so you’ll be able to trim paper of different sizes, even those sheets that are 8.5” x 14” (legal-sized).The 4250 is equipped with a Safety Cutting System, a feature found in many of MBM’s other cutters.

The system is comprised of a number of different things including transparent safety covers on the front and back tables, a disc brake, and a safety lock. Also, this device requires two-handed operation so your hands won’t be near the blade when it’s in use.This trimmer has a digital display so you can see the exact position of the backgauge. This feature, along with an optical cutting line, will help you get an accurate cut every time you use this machine.The 4250 is well-constructed and has a variety of metal parts for durability. The blade is made out of Solingen steel, a very high-quality metal. Since this device is so durable, you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it.As far as a warranty goes, this device is covered for one year.

Weaknesses:    Although this machine’s cutting capacity is pretty good, it could be improved. For example, there are other cutters that can cut through 3 inches of paper. It would be great if the 4250 had that ability.This is a pretty big device so you may have trouble mosquito killer Manufacturers finding room for it on a work surface. Its dimensions are 27.25” (depth) x 25.25” (width) x 14.125” (height). You can purchase an optional stand or cabinet for it if you don’t have enough room.  Overall, the MBM Triumph 4250 is a good electric paper cutter. It has a decent cutting capacity (which could be improved a little bit) and it’s capable of handling multiple sizes of paper thanks to its large table. This is one of the safest trimmers you can use thanks to the Safety Cutting System so you won’t need to worry too much about getting injured. (Note: you should still exercise caution when using this machine.) Also, this product is well-built and is great for high-output environments, especially if you have the room for it. If the 4250 sounds good to you, consider adding it to your workplace today. Happy cutting!

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