The big brands have realized that they spend too much

The big brands have realized that they spend too much money on these celebrities, they can promote us at noon, and in the evening, they can promote Marc JacobsBeauty. Anastasia sales were down 24%, and Nars was down 7%. L’ Oréal CEO Jean-Paul Agon said in July that the sluggish U.’ In a conference call with analysts last month, Ulta CEO Mary Dillon accused the brand of focusing on “innovation” instead of focusing on “new habits” that lead consumers to continue buying. The decline in sales has not only affected traditional big brands, but also new brands that have millions of fans on social media and have been recommended by big coffees. ‘Everything starts at the high end and eventually moves towards popularity.. Although LVMH did not announce Sephora’s sales results, the company’s chief financial officer,

Jean-Jacques Guiony, said in July that the US cosmetics market is ‘in the cold. Maybelline’s mascara is a good example.. Strong consumer dissatisfaction eventually forced the celebrity to post a 14-minute plain video on YouTube for explanation, and the video blog was not updated for the next six weeks.’ Liebmann pointed out, especially millennials and most people with families People spend less time buying cosmetics than overall. ‘

We used to think that everyone was accustomed to certain ways, but macro megatrends such as time and stress are affecting people’s willingness to spend time in these areas. She cited examples of cosmetic and eyebrow grooming products from the past decade that have made brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills so popular. Formulas and technologies originally developed by high-end brands are now used in products sold in pharmacies or supermarkets. No one does that in real life. In addition, when they really want to use cosmetics, consumers are increasingly inclined to buy lower-priced products. According to NPD, L’ Oréal ’s Urban Decay sales in the first half of 2019 were down 19% from the same period last year. Sarah Jindal, a senior global beauty analyst at Mintel, said:

‘The photos on social media are all rich makeup. Everything starts at the high end, and eventually moves towards popularity. But David Silverman, senior director and director of Fitch Ratings, believes that it has become increasingly difficult to rely on this approach to stand out among many brands because almost all mainstream brands jar for cosmetic manufacturers have huge followers. Fans of Jaclyn Hill gave negative reviews of the lipstick she was planning to launch as she received broken goods. In addition, while the makeup of celebrities on Instagram and YouTube is getting more sophisticated, most feminine makeup is faded. Of the top 20 brands, only Benefit Cosmetics and Charlotte Tilbury survived

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