The average pressure is equal to the constant pressure

It can be found that the strength wholesale medical treatments mould curves of vibration injection samples with different size gates and different cavity depths are not All the same, this shows that the mold has an effect on the effect of vibration injection. That is to say, during vibration injection, the cavity structure of the mold, the size of the gate, etc. From and can be seen that when the vibration frequency is from 0 When it rises to 4Hz, the strength of the product increases faster; in the range of 4~5Hz, the strength of the product reaches the extreme value, then decreases slightly, and then slowly increases. The vibration pressure changes according to the sinusoidal vibration curve and the vibration

The average pressure is equal to the constant pressure. 1. This shows that the mechanical properties of vibration on injection molded parts Influential. PP vibration injection molding experiment with different gate sizes. The relationship between the vibration frequency and the yield strength of the sample during vibration injection molding with two different molds. Within a certain range, the cavity size is small and its vibration effect is strong; the cavity size is large and its vibration effect is weak.1

The experimental process First, the material is loaded into the extruder, and the extruder is uniformly plasticized; then the polymer melt is input into the barrel of the vibration injection experimental table, and the temperature is kept at a predetermined temperature for 20 minutes, and the vibration is started Apparatus for 1min,

injecting and holding pressure for 30s at the set injection pressure in the vibration; take out the standard sample after the molding is completed, process it according to the standard test procedure and test in the tensile testing machine, the tensile rate is 5mm/s. Therefore, in the future vibration molding research and vibration mold design, the influence of the mold structure on the vibration effect should be considered. The polymer plasticizing system is composed of an extruder.3. That is, with the increase of the vibration frequency,

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