That doesn’t make it to RS3 due to poor management problems

It is predicated on a GameJam 2018 job by Mod Ryan known as Player-Owned House contracts- content which does not make it to RuneScape gold due to inadequate management problems is recycled and made better and improved on OSRS, which does not have to manage shitty management and investors up to RS3 does, largely due to RS3 being the cash cow / secondary game.

It does have some fairly unique rewards, such as the equippable watched, plank sack, and hosidius wall apparel [unlockable wall beds, a characteristic exclusive to and well loved in OSRS] that match OSRS and its own reward space & philosophy perfectly, too.I don’t think anybody really desired construction contracts, theres not much support for it. Recall last gamejam someone was working on prep for EW quest series, yet nobody seemed to care for it, also remember a’gamejam’ never 100% signifies content goes into game, its just a session for devs to operate on fire endeavors, or ideas for fun.

They litterly said they did not really see players druming it up.Mahogany Homes was created at a closed environment by a single Jmod, after it passed the surveys a team went to really work on implementing it. When you look in Mahogany Homes it’s really not a hell of a good deal of work behind it, just requiring a couple of new models, other than that it’s reusing assets they’ve needed for awhile. Oh it was one of those ones created on one of those free time idea days.

I believe they are inclined to work on stuff early if it’s very likely to pass a poll or if they may use the assets elsewhere. In this case it was directly according to a popular suggestion from 6 weeks ago so that they could suppose it would be well received. So they need to perform a significant amount of the work before bringing it into the survey.

I can’t confirm whether or not it’s accurate, but Jagex has been on record dozens of occasions saying they do not place significant dev time into pre-poll content. They mostly follow the suggestions and roadmap and receive community input pre-poll. I’m pretty sure group ironman was declared at runefest 2017 and has been likely to be released 6 months down the street at the latest. Idk why Jagex makes many empty promises every Runefest; it’s like they make all these plans and if they get into the dev function they understand it is actually going to become a whole lot more work than they anticipated but they’re afraid of being transparent with rs 3 gold the community about it.

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