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Thinking of this, Li Wang immediately took out another piece of orange equipment in his backpack, which was to be called “The Book of Medivh.”. Familiar with World of Warcraft, he also knows that this is the prop that Kel’Thuzad used to summon Archimonde, with unimaginable power. It can break through the barriers of different time and space and summon creatures from other worlds. Originally Li Wang thought it was false, so he didn’t take it seriously, but now. . “Make a fortune!” Li Wang thought excitedly, “If these two pieces of equipment are auctioned in the auction market.”. How much can you sell it for? Three don’t sell don’t sell! Good equipment is naturally reserved for your own use. But I don’t have much time to play games myself. Li Wang is sitting in front of the computer with inner contradictions. At last he suddenly remembered the thief. Right. What is the origin of the thief? Why does he have so much good equipment on him? Li Wang remembered that the suit on the thief’s body before looked very good, but now he thought it was not only good, but it must be more advanced than the two orange equipment in his hands. “Such a good thing was given to me so casually..” ———— Not long after the pirates left, Han Feng received a phone call from Li Wang. Prosperous wealth. Our company’s game was released today. Did you go to play it? Han Feng knows that Li Wang is a hardcore game player, so he also wants to hear his views on the game. Of course, I also went to the scene during the press conference, but there were too many people to squeeze into the front desk. If I had known, I should have gone earlier. When the time came, I would have taken a photo with you on the stage. That would have been a great honor. When Han Feng saw that he was blowing nonsense again, he quickly interrupted and said, “All right, all right. What are you looking for me for?” “Can’t I look for you if I have nothing to do?” Li Wang asked with a smile. Han Feng secretly sighed in his heart. Although his relationship with several roommates seems to be the same as before, some subtle changes have taken place, such as chatting on the phone. In the past,White Marble Mosaic, when they had something to do, they usually came to ask for their opinions and called to brag and fart. Now, if there is no specific thing, they usually do not call. For this point, Han Feng can also understand, after all, they have work to do now, they may be afraid of affecting their work. But I really have something to do with you today. Seeing that Han Feng did not speak,Stone Honeycomb Panel, Li Wang said again, “When I played Six Degrees of Hegemony today, I found a major BUG, which may cause the balance of the whole game world and bring huge losses to your company..” At this point, Li Wang could not help using exaggerated words to describe it, and it was not over yet. ———— Han Feng knew his character, smiled, but asked very seriously: “What is the BUG?”? If this problem is really big, I will reward you on behalf of the company. Although Li Wang’s character looks a little frivolous, but Han Feng is clear, in some of the more important things he has his own sense of propriety, this special call, may really found a major BUG, with his ability, it is not impossible. Reward? Hey hey.. How can you be ashamed? “You boy.” You can rest assured that I have no favoritism. This is a system of the company. There is indeed a generous material reward for the discoverer of a major BUG, Carrara Marble Slab ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, and the richness of the prize is determined by the seriousness of the BUG. Li Wang originally didn’t want to be rewarded, but now he knows that this system already exists, and others will be rewarded when they find it. Naturally, he is no longer polite. He laughed and said, “Today I met a thief in the game..” When Han Feng heard this, he didn’t know who the thief was. “… I originally thought that these two pieces of equipment were fakes made by that boy using the loopholes of the six-degree system, but who knows, they are really artifacts! Speaking of this, Li Wang was a little excited. He described to Han Feng how comfortable he was when he killed the monster. It was simply wonderful! Han Feng didn’t have the heart to listen at all. At the moment, he was complaining about the pirate boy’s foolishness. He stole the magic of the monster at will and gave it away. In this way, if these two pieces of magic were spread out, it would really disrupt the balance of the whole game. And if they were known by others, they would certainly think it was their own jobbery and give Li Wangda a golden finger. … That boy is absolutely suspicious, and I don’t know how he got these two pieces of equipment, so it will destroy the balance of the whole game, I thought of you at the first time, crazy, brother, I have nothing to say to you? I didn’t keep it for myself, so I called you at the first time. Han Feng’s face showed a smile, for Li Wang’s character, he naturally understood, but he can resist such a big temptation to call himself, but also let Han Feng quite touched. After thinking about it, Han Feng said, “The thief is a game tester of our company.” “Huh?” Li Wang was obviously stupefied for a moment. He had thought of everything before, but he didn’t think about it. “Damn it!”! It turned out to be a game tester! “Yes, he just mentioned you to me, because he knew you, so he sent you two pieces of equipment.” Han Feng had no choice but to pull a panic, and in fact, this is not a lie, originally, pirates are also six degrees of staff, but do not receive wages, “but I did not know before, he sent two pieces of equipment is actually two orange weapons..” “So you already know, so forget I said anything.” Li Wang listens to the meaning of Han Feng, hurriedly say so, “that.” This is the matter, by the way, if you have time, come to the house to sit down, usually come back to see more brothers ah, well, that’s it, I still have something to do, bye bye! Han Feng listened to the busy tone in his cell phone,Silver Travertine Slabs, showing a trace of helplessness on his face. Li Wang this boy turns very quickly, hear oneself have the meaning that takes back these two equipment, hang up the phone immediately.

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