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“Look, that guy is young, fashionably dressed, and doesn’t even have any medical equipment. How can he be a doctor..” “The quality of your people is too poor!” “No!”! You can’t let him cut in line. It’s breaking the rules! Chapter 263 challenges the world’s famous doctors. Chapter 263 challenges the world’s famous doctors. “Don’t cut in line!” In the garden of Mr. Thomson’s villa, one doctor after another turned their heads and stared angrily at Gao Jianfei. In their eyes, there is obvious dissatisfaction and disdain. There must be a brave man under the heavy reward. It can be said that there are many people who come here every day and want to treat Mr. Thomson! Not only doctors from Z country, but also doctors from all over the world! Of course, the doctors who come for the reward are not only experts from famous medical institutions in the world, but also famous doctors with high reputation among the people. There are even a large number of barefoot herbalists who hold a folk prescription in their hands and want to try their luck! Mixed fish and dragon! The US “government” has made great efforts to maintain the situation. They made a rule, that is.. Line up to practice medicine! This rule, at the beginning, was also opposed by some authoritative medical experts. Think, this is the gold content that oppugns authoritative personage! Therefore, the “government” of the United States has given the green light to those so-called medical experts, giving them the priority to practice medicine. However, the result was very humiliating, and the experts who enjoyed the priority of medical practice entered the villa full of hope and high morale to treat Mr. Thomson,metal racking systems, but they came out one by one dejected and dusty. All the experts who enjoy the priority of medical practice have been hit in the face! There was nothing to be done about Mr. Thomson’s illness! So, in the next period of time, no one is willing to fight for the priority of medical practice, and everyone follows the order. It’s like a convention. However, it was clear that Mayor Zuo Qing’s conversation with the American “government” personnel stationed in the area of Mr. Thomson’s villa was overheard by the doctors nearby! As a result, word of mouth spread among the doctors, and the news that Gao Jianfei wanted to “jump the queue” spread like ripples and ripples! Soon,industrial racking systems, the field of dozens of medical staff, are frequently looking back, looking at the high gradually fly. Talk and noise, one after another! If we say that Gao Jianfei is a famous doctor, then the medical staff of the field can also take it calmly and not express any opinions about Gao Jianfei’s “jumping the queue”. But it’s strange that the image of Gao Jianfei doesn’t match the doctor. Dress fashionably and be young! “Ha, man, it looks like another guy who wants to come and try his luck!”! You see, how clumsy this guy is! “Yes, I would rather believe that guy is an entertainer in the entertainment industry than a doctor!”! That’s funny! …… There are more and more criticisms on the field. At this time, Mayor Zuo Qing, also with two American men in suits, flew directly to Gao Jian. In front of Gao Jianfei, push back racking system ,warehouse storage racks, Zuo Qing explained in English and drew his hands and feet nervously with the two American men in suits. They spoke faster, and Gao Jianfei could only hear a general idea. Generally speaking, it was Zuo Qing who strongly advocated Gao Jianfei’s medical skills to the two American men in suits, and assured that no doctor in the field could do better than Gao Jianfei. The two men in American suits, on the other hand, have always expressed doubts. They use the brush general sharp eyes, Gao Jianfei all over the body scanning, eyes, with a very obvious disdain, repeatedly shaking his head, kept saying. n,n,n。” Zuo Qing was so anxious that he blushed and threw out his mayor’s name. Gentlemen, I am the mayor of this city! I now pledge my honor that this doctor can absolutely help Mr. Thomson! “Hm?” Hearing this, the two men in American suits could only continue to communicate with Zuo Qing tirelessly. After all, these guys are D city, must give Zuo Qing some face. Are you sure you’re a doctor? But you don’t look like a doctor to me. “Finally, an American suit man spoke English to Gao Jianfei.” In terms of seniority, if you are in the medical profession, at your age, you can only be an assistant or an apprentice at most. Gao Jianfei’s spoken English is so poor that he can barely understand it, but he can’t communicate with them in English. Gao Jianfei could only say to Zuo Qing, “You tell them, give me five minutes, I’ll go in and see Mr. Thomson, if not, I’ll leave immediately.” Zuo Qing nodded and translated Gao Jianfei’s words in English. Please give me a face, 5 minutes, we only need 5 minutes! The two men in American suits exchanged glances and finally nodded. Then, please come with me! Gao Jianfei smiled with relief and, together with Zuo Qing, followed the two American men in suits. Oh! Incredible! Many doctors over there are gasping! They couldn’t believe that the American side would allow that guy in his early 20s to go in and treat Mr. Thomson! “No!”! Gentlemen, it would be an insult to all of us to give him priority in the practice of medicine! A great insult! A black man chirped and screamed in English. His words were immediately echoed, and all the doctors, whether foreigners or Chinese, clamored with discontent. On the other hand, reporters from American magazines and newspapers, as well as reporters from American television stations, have focused their attention on this “farce.”. All of a sudden,push back racking system, it’s coming this way! The flashlight of the camera, “Card Erase Card Erase” is ringing, and some text reporters are tapping on the keyboard of their laptops quickly.

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