Su Qing’s prose

Let me shut myself up in my own room and listen, and watch, and dream! People all over the world don’t notice my existence, so I can work, play and rest freely. However, if it goes on like this, won’t I feel lonely? Of course When I am lonely, I want a kitten to accompany me. It is lazy and sleepy, does not catch mice, does not scratch my old books, all day long, just curled up at my feet, snoring. So my bare feet did not come out of the red leather slippers, and I put them on its back, warm. When he was tired of reading the book, he lifted it up and put it on his knee. Its eyelids opened slightly. The eyeball is green, the pupil is like a line, slowly, it breaks through the upper eyelid to be addicted to what to sleep soundly. I murmured to it my grief and indignation; Its answer is: “Cuckoo Cuckoo.”. I tell its former south of my loneliness; Its answer is: Goo goo goo. I sighed softly to it; Cuckoo. Cuckoo. I shed tears for it. Tears fell on its eyelids, it suddenly opened its eyes, eyes are green, pupils like a line, slowly,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, it closed its eyelids again and fell asleep. My heart is at a loss, and I have no feeling. I put my hand on his face and fell asleep. So I had a dream that I was flying like a bird in the world of truth, goodness and beauty. Your own room! But I don’t have my own room. I live with my relatives, sitting with their daughters during the day and sleeping with them at night. She’s a chatty girl who talks to me all the time about movie stars. Is XXX very fit? “Well.” My heart is thinking of my own grief and indignation. You have a good singing voice! “” Well. ” In my heart I thought of my own loneliness. Tell me, are you really happy about XXX? Or is it convex? “…” I couldn’t say it. I wanted to sigh, but I didn’t dare to sigh. I had to close my eyelids and pretend to sleep. Alas, you are fast asleep! Then she had no choice but to turn off the light and go to sleep. I looked at the darkness alone, and tears flowed down. At this time,gear reduction motor, I no longer want to pretend to sleep, just want to sit on the chair to read, bend over the table to write articles. However, this is not your own room! Restraint, not freedom. It was a long night. I lay straight in bed and dared not move. My head was heavy, my cheeks were feverish, and my heart was very irritable. Isn’t Mo sick? What can I do if I am ill in a relative’s home? Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep! I just want to have a good dream of freedom for a while, but what I dream is that I seem to be like a bird with a broken wing, locked in a cage, groaning and groaning in pain. w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m My hand Fiction ^ txt-days. Don My hand After dinner, I took out a clean glass and brewed a forest of green tea. As I sipped my tea, I thought hard about what I was going to do. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of my hand holding the teacup, with its delicate white fingers and green tea leaves, which looked like five slender ivory. Is this my hand? -My hand. So I slowly put down the teacup, put my hand on my knee, micro gear motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, and looked at myself carefully: long fingers, thin palms, and some of the blood was gone. It looked really scary. I think this is the left hand, the right hand may be better. So he put his right hand on his knee and compared it with each other to see that it was almost the same, but he could not tell the difference. It was just a blue ink stain on the tip of the index finger of the right hand, which was accidentally defiled when writing, and could be washed clean as long as it was wiped with soap. What a pair of pale and thin hands! I did not want to look at them again, but silently picked up the teacup and gently sipped the tea. Thought, they should rest, or else, with such a bloodless hand, how can write a flesh-and-blood article? It is said that there are many Western literary giants who do not have to write by themselves. All they had to do was sit back leisurely on the sofa, with only a cigar in their mouth, puffing and reading, while someone else typed or wrote it down for them. It is comfortable to write in this way, but my position is tens of millions of miles away from theirs, so I have to think about it as a myth. After thinking about it, I have to work hard with my own hands. In order to make a living, I have to put down my teacup and take the paper to write. Write, write, my hands are numb and my fingers are stiff. Seeing them, I forgot all the happy sentences I had prepared in my mind, leaving only infinite bitterness, which could not be expressed in words or sentences, and I was just in a trance in front of the blank manuscript paper. After a while, I suddenly had an idea: I put my left hand on the paper, and my right hand took a pencil to draw according to it. Before long, the outline of a thin hand was clearly left on the paper. Is this my hand? -My hand. My hands were never like this before: ten thick fingers, with short nails; the palms of my hands were plump and thick, and ruddy in color. When they were young, they spent all day helping mud pills, catching fried eggs, and making chicken leather for their mothers. At school, they are busy taking notes, playing tennis, and jingling the piano. Then he came, put the ring on my ring finger, kissed it and said, “How capable you are, your hand!” ” I did a lot of things for them with my hands.. Greasy dirt, dust, all embedded in the palm of my hand, the drama is endless, can not wash off, my hands finally become dirty and rough. However, I do not blame my own hand, because it works and can make others happy and happy. In the winter, the back of my hand is cracked. But I still held back the pain and took care of the children’s sewing cotton under the lamp. The rough hand touches the damask and makes a sound. The children were surprised and asked me, “Mom, why are your hands making noise?” I smiled: look at his face, but he didn’t smile. After a while,Gear Reduction Motor, he frowned and said to me in a tone of disgust, “Look at your hand. Didn’t you spoil my precious diamond ring?” Quietly speechless, I returned the precious diamond ring to him the next day.

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