Sin City _ Misty Rain

Richard was surprised to find that after only two battles, the “color” had grown to the level of five. This growth rate has been a bit scary. And from the comparison of the memory images before and after, Richard found that her body did change a lot after the upgrade. First of all, she became taller, and now she is more than 1.6 meters. For a killer combat unit, Richard didn’t understand the use of increasing his size. A larger body means greater strength and more energy reserves. But the “color” of only five levels is far from the point where energy reserves need to be maintained by increasing body size. The increase in size means more cost for units that have a special “color” for stealth. On the other hand, the area covered by its natural armor has been reduced. This also makes Richard feel a little difficult to understand. The color of the natural armor is similar to the composition of the female nest’s insect armor. It is about the same hardness as steel, but its weight is only a quarter of that of steel, and its flexibility is far greater than that of steel. In terms of overall protection, these natural armors are already similar to refined armors mixed with mithril, but not as good as those treated with enchantments. “Color”, are you already level five? Can you tell me why it’s rising so fast? Richard asked. Xiao _ Shuo t-x-t _ Tian/Tang Chapter 188 under the secret The color was silent for a while, and the light in his eyes kept flashing. After a moment, he said, “It’s because of the battle.” The “color” uses some complex divine language, which belongs to the same language family as the mother nest,ultrasonic welding transducer, but is different from the known divine language system of Norland. Because of the brood, Richard was able to understand what it was saying, rather than relying solely on conscious communication. This is another small detail that Richard feels strange, humanoid combat units are not human after all, in fact, language is very unnecessary, especially when only Richard and “color” are present,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, it is entirely possible to communicate with consciousness. But she seemed to be acting more like a human, and every time Richard talked to her, whether in speech or in conscious contact, she generally answered with words. But the answer of the “color” this time obviously did not satisfy Richard. Be more specific. “…… In battle, the soul of the enemy killed by me will be extracted by me and converted into power for me to use, so that my fighting power can be improved. The “color” was finally expressed clearly this time. Where does this ability come from? “I had it when I was created, and it should be the ability to extract from the original template.” Richard nodded, and now the question was clear. It seems that the “color” inherited a lot of Sinclair’s abilities in his lifetime, and even enhanced them in some ways. After all, it is a special unit created by consuming three whole “natures” of God. Richard now has no specific idea of how much the “sex” of the three gods is, but it must be no worse than the spirit body of an ancestor sacrificed by a large orc tribe. But looking at the evolutionary trend of “color”, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, we should gradually abandon the enhancement of defense, and focus on increasing speed and lethality. Richard thought about it for a while, not to interfere with its natural evolution direction, but decided to tailor a set of light armor for it, which is equally important in the battlefield defense, heavy attack and light defense will only play a role in small team combat. Basic defense can sometimes save lives, as can be seen from the fate of Sinclair. After letting the “color” leave, Richard thought of the splash again. This wild and cold girl also neglects defense, even leather armor is not willing to wear, only rely on the construction to provide a limited defense, in the face of the real strong attack can not play a protective role. So Richard also decided to order a set of leather armor for the girl, and she could no longer be allowed to fight according to her own “sex”. With more than two hundred stakes erected, the bodies of the’bandits’ hanging from the stakes quickly became a hot topic in the Barony of Fontaine. A few days later, the message, like wings, flew to all parts of the Redwood Kingdom. As a result, Richard and his territory, which can be called the land of Mao, once again entered the vision of the kingdom’s top level. Richard has become a topic of discussion at numerous afternoon teas, banquets and card tables. Because no one had ever heard of Archimonde’s surname, and his pedigree in the official records had been broken for four generations in the noble coat of arms, Richard was unfortunately classified into the ranks of the nouveau riche and labeled “cold”. But the nobles did not think Richard was cruel, and what he did was one of the common means used by the great nobles to deal with bandits. In history, there were even such things as nobles cutting up and boiling whole groups of bandits and feeding them to dogs as feed. So what Richard did was only up to the standard of coldness. Richard’s identity as a magician is also one of the topics of curiosity. Such a young magician is rare in the history of Faro, so many nobles tend to have at least one magician behind Richard, who is close to the legendary rank. This magic teacher is unknown, and it is very likely that he is a strong man living in seclusion in the dark world. The so-called dark world is a place where human beings have never or seldom set foot. For example, in the southwest of the blood-stained land, the ancestral highlands inhabited by barbarians. And the pale plateau northwest of the Bloodlands, the land of orcs, mountain people, and dwarves. This incident had little impact on Richard’s territory, because his territory was originally a piece of land that was not “hairy”, and there were few villages at all. In the eyes of those who are interested in the Sequoia Kingdom, this is definitely a big deal. In the secret room of the castle at dusk, a dignified middle-aged nobleman smashed the precious fine porcelain teacup in his hand and shouted at the uncle of Baron Fontaine in front of him: “This is your good idea!”! Didn’t you say that even if Richard knew we did it, he wouldn’t dare to do it? And now, two squadrons of Eagle Knights have been killed clean,ultrasonic generator driver, stripped of their armor, and hung in the wilderness! How do you think it will end now? My Lord, it is an absolute insult for Richard to kill the Knights of the Eagle Flag and hang their bodies! The Duke should launch an army and destroy him directly. 。

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