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Su Fengyu was scolded so that her face turned blue and white: “If Tang Wan hadn’t withdrawn the lawsuit, we wouldn’t have got into a lawsuit.” She gnashed her teeth and was very unwilling. Ye Mingyuan shouted angrily, “I warned you at the beginning not to provoke Song Ci’s woman.” Su Fengyu was choked red in the face by the old man. Ye Yixuan, who was next to her, could not hold her breath: “Grandpa, it’s not my parents’ fault. It’s all the disaster star’s fault. Fifteen years ago, it wasn’t enough to harm our Ye family. They didn’t die clean. Now they’re still framing us.” Ye Mingyuan’s face was almost purple with anger. Pointing at Ye Yixuan, he said, “You can’t come up in one breath.” Ye Mingyuan rolled his eyes and sat on the hospital bed panting heavily. Seeing this, Yeh Tsung-hsin gave the old man a smooth ride and shouted at Yeh Yi-hsuan, “You fool, why don’t you shut up!” Ye Yixuan was not convinced and shouted in the ward: “What did I say wrong? She is a pest. She pretended to be dead for so long in order to plot the property of our Ye family.” “Where do you live?” Ye Mingyuan’s exasperated words were interrupted by a slightly cool voice: “The property of the Ye family?” The coda goes up, with a hint of irony. Several people in the ward looked up in amazement. Ruan Jiangxi was quietly leaning against the door: “You forgot that Ye’s Electronics used to be surnamed Ruan. How can you say that Ye’s family has property?” Her eyes are calm and calm, but they are bottomless. Ye Zongxin was startled for a moment. His face suddenly sank. He looked at Ruan Jiangxi with a slight precaution. “What are you doing here?”? You are not welcome here. She did not go in, standing quietly in the doorway: “I just pass by, want to remind you,” Qinglingling eyes, fell on Ye Yixuan body, tone tepid, “you say this kind of shameless words in the future please lower your voice, will be heard.” From beginning to end, Ruan Jiangxi did not get angry, calm, as if to see a farce, even irony is so natural. Several members of the Ye family, at this time, all of them were livid, with Ye Yixuan as the most. Their faces were full of anger and distorted their originally beautiful appearance: “The shameless person is clearly you. It is you who covet the things of our Ye family with bad intentions.” The things of our Ye family. Really ignorant and shameless, Ruan Jiangxi is lazy to argue, the tone is lazy and ethereal: “Now that you know I want to rob,industrial racking systems, then take good care of your Ye family’s things, don’t let me rob back too quickly, that will be very boring.” Such an arrogant declaration of war seems to have the certainty of victory, but it is casual and casual. What the hell does she have? Such a remark finally angered Ye Zongxin. Surprised and angry, he shouted angrily in a deep voice: “Wishful thinking!”! You’re just a dead man! He snorted coldly, “Ye Jiangxi died fifteen years ago!” How much he wished she was dead to be so self-hypnotized and insane. Ruan Jiangxi chuckled, cold fundus, slowly covered with sarcasm: “You should have been more ruthless, how can you let me live, I said, I will let you regret.” Ruan Jiangxi raised his eyes and gazed deeply. She said, “Ye Zongxin, I’m back.” Disappeared, recuperated, fifteen years, automated warehouse systems ,pallet rack shelving, she finally returned. I don’t know why, Su Fengyu couldn’t help but tremble in her heart. Just looking at Ruan Jiangxi’s black and white eyes, she was subconsciously flustered, but her mouth was not forgiving. Her words were very vicious: “What are you? You dare to speak out here. Ye Shi was not the world of the Ruan family fifteen years ago. What kind of identity are you? A third-rate actress is still boastful.” Do you think Sinan International will always support you? How can you be so naive? Sooner or later, you will- “Three months.” A flat voice interrupted Tang Wan’s words. Su Feng was frightened. “Are you dreaming?” “Three months at most.” The sound quality, like the echo from a deep well, was always clear and transparent. Ruan Jiangxi raised his eyes slightly and looked down: “I will let the Ye family change their surname to Ruan. ” In a word, understatement, no clang, but sound. Ye Zongxin repeatedly retreated several steps, one hand propped up on the hospital bed, incredibly opened his eyes wide: “You.” Ruan Jiangxi cut off Ye Zongxin’s words: “I remember every debt you owe, and I have to pay it all.” Pointing to Ye Zongxin and his wife, as well as the old man in the hospital bed, “and you.” She is declaring war on them, cutting through the thorns and attacking fiercely. You- “Ye Mingyuan covered his heart, a word dragged a few tones, or one breath can not come up, two eyes rolled, fainted to death.”. Suddenly, the ward was in a mess. Dad! “Dad!” “Grandpa!” “Doctor, doctor!” The old man has a myocardial infarction, which I’m afraid is ominous. This is just the beginning. Whoever owes a debt has to pay it back. Ruan Jiangxi smiled and turned to leave. Lin can and Liu were standing in the corridor near the door. Their eyes collided. Lin can asked her with a smile, “Are you here to make him angry?” Ruan Jiangxi said lightly: “It’s a pity that he should not die.” “I didn’t realize that you were quite cruel before,” Lin can joked. “Yes, I am very stingy, revenge, so,” she walked a few steps, stopped at the side of Lin can, voice slightly cold, “you stay away from the people inside, I do not want to involve innocent people.” The tone is light and cold, neither far nor near, somewhat defensive, just like alienation. Originally, when it comes to the Ye family, she and she, even if they do not blame each other, are not in the same camp. Passing by, Ruan Jiangxi ran in the opposite direction and went farther and farther. Liu is to also do not want to, turn round to follow, Lin can takes his hand: “I have a problem.” He did not turn his head, and his eyes followed the figure in front of him. Lin can shouted forcefully: “Liu is.” He turned his head, and there was some messy light and shadow in his eyes. My mom and your dad, are they innocent? Liu did not have a moment to think, cold eyes full of clear light, dark staring at Lin can: “They are guilty.” Lin Chan does not deny it. “No matter whether you sit back and watch the tiger fight or the fisherman’s profit,asrs warehouse, I think none of the Ye family can escape.” If one day Jiangxi opposes your father, “Lin can hesitated and looked at Liu’s eyes,” who will you help? ” 。

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