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“Obviously.” It’s a monk’s place. It’s strange that she would like it. Moreover, there was an enemy who attempted to murder her in one side of the room. As for the injury, she even suspected that Yu Hanqing would attack her inexplicably, which had something to do with her master. It’s just that Hualien doesn’t understand where she’s getting in their way. You know what.. Yin Mo looked up and smiled brightly at Hualien. “I like to impose on others.” This made Hualien’s little face completely black, and she knew that this shameless monk could not be counted on at all. Without waiting for Yin Mo to say a few words, the girl who had been staying in the guest room came out. After seeing Yin Mo herself, she smiled and walked towards Yin Mo. “Elder Martial Brother Nie Tian, long time no see.” In the whole realm of cultivation, I’m afraid Yin Mo is the only one who can make people smile at each other. Yu, who was following him, looked at Yin Mo curiously. Although he didn’t know how he got the heart of the master, he felt that this man was worthy of the master. Hurt the younger martial sister. Yin Mo got up to meet him, and the smile that had just taken on a bit of ridicule had already disappeared, and there was a gentle smile on his face, which looked gentle and harmless. Hualien glanced at Yin Mo and curled her lips in secret. She was a standard two-faced person. Elder Martial Brother is very busy recently. Why don’t you go to Linglong Palace? “I’m not busy. I just went to the Devil’s Cave.” Yin Mo is still smiling, and Yin Mo is a rare person who can speak so lightly about the Refining Devil Cave, one of the three major settlements of Demon Cultivation. Oh, I also wonder how Qiyu Demon Emperor could suddenly rush to bring people back. How dare you set fire to someone’s backyard? The wound chuckled. It’s easy to say, but the younger martial sister is here this time, but for the ice soul flower? “Sure enough,inflatable amusement park, you can’t hide anything from Elder Martial Brother. So, Elder Martial Brother got it?” She stared at Yin Mo with burning eyes. She practiced the ice skill. The ice soul flower was very useful to her. She had mentioned it to Yin Mo. Yin Mo said he would find a way to help her pick it. Of course, with her strength, even if the ice soul flower is very few, it is also very easy to get, but she just needs the ice soul flower just in full bloom. In fact, only to take the ice soul flower,Inflatable outdoor park, there is no need for her to come in person, but, since the last time Yin Mo left, she has never stepped into the Linglong Palace, she can only come to visit the Golden Wheel Temple. Fortunately, the old monks in Jinlun Temple did not complain. Yin Mo’s right hand, a palm-sized flower carved from ice, floated quietly in his palm, and the petals were surrounded by mist condensed by Reiki. Thank you, Elder Martial Brother. Seeing the ice soul flower, I was surprised. You’re welcome, Younger Martial Sister. Smiling and putting the ice soul flower into the injured hand, Yin Mo suddenly glanced at Hualien, just in time to see the movement of Hualien’s mouth. Younger Martial Sister, inflatable air dancer ,inflatable floating water park, if there is nothing urgent, you might as well stay here for a few more days. He looked at Hualien without any trace and shook his head with a smile. “Forget it this time. My little sister should go back and refine the ice soul flower first. When she enters the demon dragon’s cave, she will have some self-protection.” “It’s a pity. Well, it seems that Goodbye Younger Martial Sister can only be in the Demon Dragon’s Lair.” Between the words, Yin Mo seemed a little reluctant. All right, Elder Martial Brother, I’ll take my leave first. As a result, people just left. From the beginning to the end, the injury did not look at Hualien. But in my heart, I remember her firmly. Can let Yin Mo personally bring back the golden wheel temple, this little demon and his relationship is not simple. After leaving, Yin Mo came back and found that Hualien had been practicing directly in his yard. Feeling that the fire force of the entire mountain peak was coming toward Hualien, he could not help but “show” a bit of a wry smile. She was really bold enough to rush through like this. However, she is not in danger of getting into the body. Thinking of this, Yin Mo casually laid a ban in the mountains, refused everyone’s visit, and went to the guest room for two rounds before returning to his room to rest. For Yin Mo just returned to the temple to close the mountain, or caused a lot of people’s dissatisfaction. It is reasonable to say that although the Five Elements Peak belongs to the five elders of the same generation as the host, the Five Elements can maintain balance. Yin Mo is such a mountain, and the fire power in the mountain is also sealed up. Now the Five Elements are not balanced, which leads to the extremely abnormal weather changes in the whole Jinlun Temple. It has not caused any major impact for the time being, but who knows when he will come out. If this is not careful to close the mountain for hundreds of years, it is estimated that the immortal grass around the Golden Wheel Temple has disappeared. At this time, immersed in the practice of Hualien of course will not worry about these things, she has not felt such an abundant fire yuan Li for a long time. In the first few days, I didn’t feel it, but later, the Huo yuan Li here actually condensed more and more. Although the power of fire can not purify the evil fire, it is a great supplement to the evil fire. At the very beginning, Hualien did not have a systematic understanding of her own cultivation, but now she suddenly found that as long as the evil fire in her body increased, the petal lines on her inner alchemy would increase. It seems that her cultivation is linked to the evil fire in her body. Now, the fourth petal has been completely unfolded, and like the other three petals, it somehow has a few more golden “color” lines on it. Hualien has checked with the divine talk, and the golden “color” lines seem to have Buddha’s light on them. Is it because I chose to break through in the land of Buddhism that this change has taken place? Hualien was somewhat puzzled. Although she had rushed into the middle stage of the demon, she did not stop, not because she did not want to, but because the evil fire in her body at this time could not be separated from the power of the fire. That day at Guoshi Mansion, Feng Bie Qing had used a lot of spiritual “medicine” to steam her for a while, and the power of those “medicine” had been stored in her body and had not been completely consumed. Evil fire is because of the support of these spiritual powers, frantically absorbing the power of fire to strengthen itself. Unable to stop it, she could only go on, but fortunately she did not feel any discomfort. Moreover,Inflatable water park on lake, on the inner alchemy, the fifth and sixth petals were unfolded in turn, and the flames on the petals were lit in turn. Hualien also felt that she was going to break through again.

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