Qi Yun Deprivation System of Quick Penetration

Several people have been used to the sound in the woods, chatting for a while by the campfire, Leng Junling is returning to the tent to rest, and now he is wearing a defensive soft armor with magic attributes, Leng Junling will not feel cold, but at this time the warm bed is still pleasant, and he returned to the tent. The remaining one can just work in the middle of the night! Because we’re going to get to Polk province quietly, and your face is so eye-catching! Leng Junling shrugged his shoulders helplessly, sometimes too handsome is really a burden, but with the height and appearance of fangs should also be five years older than himself, that is, about 14 teenagers grow up like this is not too bad? Reached out and pinched the beautiful face with an expressionless fangs, and was closely stared at by the black eyes, Leng Junling sighed! Bear with me, find my brother, and everything will be all right! Fang nodded, did not open his mouth, reached out and took the initiative to pull down the hood, anyway,mirror stainless steel sheet, the people around him had no effect on him. But since Pooh says he wants less trouble, he won’t object! Leaving the back cover of Constantine, the two went all the way south, and Leng Junling’s destination was the Dalenci Palace in Podak Province. On how five years later the Lionheart will definitely die, Leng Junling decided to arrive in the province of Podak to settle down in advance to find the news of Dante, that It is the largest city in England, and there is no doubt that all the resources are sufficient,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and enough for Leng Junling to be established in a short time. A force! Opportunities and dangers coexist, Leng Junling is not going to be behind the scenes this time! The identity of a noble descendant from a remote back cover is enough for Leng Junling to settle down temporarily in Podak Province and let the system give him eggs. He forged a badge ring that had some prestige in the history of England but had long declined to the Nasimor family. Half a month later, he was cold. Jun Ling took the fangs to the gate outside the province of Podak! Dalenci Palace is built on a high cliff, which is magnificent and full of wild and rough, as far as the eye can see The White Castle high above is as beautiful as a building in a fairy tale world, and the ruler is the royal family of the whole of England. Living among them, at the foot of the mountain is divided into layers of ranks, from the nobility to the common people and farmers in turn, completely orderly, this is a strict to the slightest. In an impersonal place, the people at the bottom are struggling to survive, but they are proud of being in such a city! Leng Junling and Fang dismounted and came to the front of the city gate. The soldier guarding the city looked at the little girl in front of him, who was bronzed. The long white feathers on his helmet fluttered in the wind and looked funny, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but the soldier didn’t think so! “Hey, little girl, Poldark City is not a place you can come to casually. It’s already under martial law. If you want to pass, hand it in.” On 3 gold coin taxes and fees, not only you, your horse also must pay money! The soldiers at the gate crossed their long swords to block Leng Junling, like a small Said the captain’s man! And, you?? Take the hood off. !” The soldier pointed to the fangs with his right hand in a black leather glove, and his attitude was very light. Smear! “Hillbillies, they’ve never seen the world. Oh, my God, what are they wearing?” The other two soldiers scoffed, Leng Junling and Fang Fang’s costumes are too simple, in this city where even farmers can’t wait to put on their robes. This person looks very down and out! Hearing this, Leng Junling blinked his eyes and took out the remaining silver coin and the ring of Nasimor from his pocket to face the soldier. He opened his palm and said, “There are only so many left. I am a descendant of the Nasimor family in the north. This time I came to Podak Province to enter the palace.” To see Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth! The gold and black seal ring reflected the faint blue light in the sun, which immediately hurt the soldier’s eyes more than then! “You mean the Nasimor family, the brave and skillful Nasimor family that saved the former King Narol in the Valley of Winter?” The soldier was startled and dared not reach out to touch the silver coins and rings again. Several people came to their senses and immediately stood at attention and saluted! “Offend Miss Nachmore!” “Let go, open the gate quickly?? Soldier captain shouted to the soldiers on the wall, immediately put down the drawbridge, the soldiers respectfully returned the reins of the red beads, Leng Junling. A nod, and fangs on the horse is slowly into the poldark! “Why did they let us pass?” Fang asked in Leng Junling’s ear! Because they think we are other people, great people, remember, I will be Nivea in the future? Nassim Moore !” “What about me?” “What do you want to be?” Leng Junling winked at his fangs! “I want to stay with you!” Fang said without hesitation, he did not want to separate from Leng Junling! “Then I have the honor to inform you that you will be my chief bodyguard, Mr. Fang!” “What is a chief bodyguard?” “An identity that can stay with me forever!” Leng Junling laughed, and behind her, the fangs smiled for the first time, brilliant as the morning sun! After the gate soldiers that pass, Leng Junling and Fang in the identity of Poldark can be said to be still unregistered, first found an ordinary small hotel to settle down, the last three silver coins spent, for tomorrow’s meal money Leng Junling is launched a worry! England in the 15th century was definitely not as spectacular and magnificent as later generations. Although the whole city of Podak had a sound drainage system, it had just rained two days ago. At this time, the ground in the city was still muddy. At a glance, the dirty mud made people feel like they couldn’t get down! Blocked alleys are interspersed throughout the city, and animal excrement can be seen everywhere, which is still not used to, although most cities are in this situation! In the evening, in addition to the soldiers on patrol in the city,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, it was like the men of the whole city had flocked to the tavern. The strong fragrance of barley wine wafted out of the whole city and they were all drunk. Of course, at this time, people who drank too much also had to fight in the tavern and be captured by the soldiers patrolling the city for a day trip to the dungeon! sxthsteel.com

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