Precision transmission in the mechanical industry

Double-sided toothed synchronous belts are recognized, recognized and widely used by the machinery, textile, precision instruments and other industries due to their lightweight structure, non-slip meshing transmission, and low noise). The large inclination conveyor belt is composed of a base belt, a rib and a transverse partition. The ribs prevent the material from slipping and falling. In order to easily bypass the drum, the ribs are designed to be corrugated; the function of the cross partition is to support the material. In order to achieve a large inclination, a T-type TC is used. The ribs and the diaphragm are connected to the baseband by a secondary vulcanization method, and have high connection strength.
After the production of endless flat belts is completed, due to the use of the environment or conditions, when the endless belts must be used, the flat belts will be driven by vulcanized joints with a constant speed ratio and a large speed range. , Compact structure, multi-axis transmission on the farm, oil resistance, moisture resistance, no need to lubricate and many other advantages. The development of double-sided toothed synchronous belts has successfully demonstrated its excellence in areas that require a belt drive and the direction is opposite, or the installation position is particularly compact, or in other areas with high transmission requirements such as the main drive and auxiliary drive linkage; The superb winding performance, super high tensile strength, precise meshing, low signal-to-noise ratio, etc. all leave a good impression on the user. Its obvious price advantage is more a substitute for domestic synchronous belts.) Foreign similar products have taken a solid step.
Moreover, many domestic enterprises have introduced a large number of foreign advanced equipment. These advanced machines and equipment have adopted a large number of synchronous belts. And this just provides huge business opportunities for timing belts. Especially on some special equipment, double-sided toothed timing belts are more effective. Often, after these transmission belts are broken, users cannot find synchronized products.
There are countless examples like this. There are also some chevron conveyor belt manufacturer copying various foreign machinery and equipment in order to reduce manufacturing costs and equipment costs while introducing foreign equipment. As a result, many supporting timing belts and supporting products were created, and on this basis, the advanced concepts of foreign manufacturing machinery and equipment were digested and developed and improved, which created superior conditions for the rapid development of precision transmission in the mechanical industry.

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