Overdue will be considered as giving up the booth

In the spring of 2020, an industry feast that can build a communication and cooperation platform for pharmaceutical machinery exhibitors and visitors will come again! From April 20th to 22nd, the 59th (Spring 2020) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and the 2020 (Spring) China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (hereinafter referred to as National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition \) will be held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. Registration time: January 6, 2020, each branch registration, start booth, payment after January 1, 17:00,

Overdue will be considered as giving up the booth. Among them, 460 companies come from Japan, Germany, the United States, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong and Taiwan. For details, please visit the 59th (Spring 2020) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo. The total number of booths reached 7,652, and the number of exhibitors reached 1,340. Each branch is full of registrations. Subsidiary types of the applicant enterprises: Preparation machinery hall, raw material medicine equipment machinery hall, pharmaceutical packaging machine hall, pharmaceutical water, gas equipment hall, medicinal pulverization equipment hall, decoction piece machinery hall, drug testing equipment hall, other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment hall .

There were about 80,000 attendees from 23 countries and regions. Since its establishment in 1991, after 29 years of development, it has become a large-scale industry exhibition with both internationalization and scale, and has gradually entered the ranks of the world’s largest pharmaceutical machinery expo. It is estimated that the number of exhibitors and visitors of the 59th National china printing machines factory Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition may reach a new record! By then, more new business opportunities will be tapped for exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad..

The exhibition registration method is online registration, which adopts the time-sharing and hall-sharing method. The exhibitor registration channel is about to open! It is understood that the 59th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition is hosted by the China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association and hosted by Beijing Jingboxin Exhibition Co. In fact, since the grand occasion of the 58th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition ended, many people in the industry have more expectations and trust in the next exhibition., Ltd.

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