Our manufacturing product is control

KG AUTO – Top rated manufacture of good quality products control switch, Limit Switch, hoist switch, etc. CEO Kim kideok our director of KG AUTO Co Ltd which established in March 2007. We are the best manufacture of industrial automatic control device we have professional skills and long experience. Our manufacturing product is control switch, Limit Switch, hoist switch. We supply best product to show our various and excellent experience. We promise that we can realize our customer impression to our technical development and quality renovation to make the leader for foreign industrial in auto control machine market with great love of the customers and trust by satisfying our customer needs in the professional way.KG series (ø22, ø25, ø30):Operating and contact part was planned in separation style, attached whole ø22, ø25, ø30. The selection with is various it used Slim type is being 2.5, projections from panel, there is no jam from the side, contact block was planned basic 1a1b, and a light source was produced with the LED, IC???? SH02210-7003A, 7004A, 7005A CE??, protected structure is IP65.Small Limit Series:Caused by miniaturization, high degree of precision and strong, Die cast body and plastic cover, construction made it electronic safety assurance, various kinds of actuators for easy selection, a machine tool, transportation machine and all sorts of industrial equipment are adaptable.Lever Switch:Lever switch is just one in a four-way operation control, lever switch are reversible, such as machine tools, industrial machinery is useful product at the time, return to automatic, manual, mixed-type.Control Switch Manufacturer Korea, KD series switch Korea, Hoist Switch Korea, Lever Switch Korea, Limit Switch manufacturer Korea, Automatic control device Korea, Small Limit switch suppliers Korea, KG SERIES switch Korea, Waterproof push button Korea, Aluminum control box Korea, Remote control switch Korea, Motor switch manufacturer Korea, Industrial Mini Limit Switches Korea, LED Panel Manufacturer korea, Signal Tower Light Manufacturer, LED Push Button Switch Korea, Switchgear Manufacturer, LED light tower Manufacturer Korea, Industrial switch manufacturer Korea,Industrial Permanent Magnets Manufacturers

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